Washington University in St. Louis

Name and Address
Washington University in St. Louis
News office: Public Affairs
1 Brookings Dr., Campus Box 1070
St. Louis MO 63130
United States
Phone news office: 314-935-5230
Phone main:
Fax news office: 314-935-4259

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Name Title Beat Email Phone
Caroline Arbanas Senior Medical Sciences Writer Infectious diseases, radiology and surgery arbanasc@wustl.edu 314-286-0109
Sharon Derry University News sharon_derry@wustl.e... 314-935-6512
Elizabethe Durando Director of Medical News elizabethe.durando@w... 314-286-0119
Gerry Everding Executive Director, Digital News American culture, politics, psychology, and economics gerry_everding@wustl... 314-935-6375
Julie Flory Asst. Vice Chancellor for Campus Communications julie.flory@wustl.ed... 314-935-5408
Jill Friedman Vice Chancellor for Public Affairs jill.friedman@wustl.... 314-935-5476
James Goodwin Associate Director, Cancer News cancer jgoodwin@wustl.edu 314-286-0166
Diane Keaggy Director, Campus LIfe News ... 314-935-7298
Susan Killenberg McGinn Exeutive Director of University News Service University Communications smcginn@wustl.edu 314-935-5254
Juli Leistner Medical Public Affairs LEISTNERJ@WUSTL.EDU 314-286-0117
Diana Lutz Senior Science Editor science dlutz@wustl.edu 314-935-5272
Jessica Martin Assoc. Dir. of University News Service School of Law, George Warren Brown School of Social Work jessica_martin@wustl... 314-935-5251
Leslie McCarthy Senior News Director leslie_mccarthy@wust... 314-935-6603
Tina Paradowski Web Assistant cparadowski@wustl.ed...
Michael Purdy Senior Medical Sciences Writer purdym@wustl.edu 314-286-0122
Neil Schoenherr Senior News Director Olin School of Business, Department of Economics nschoenherr@wustl.ed... 314-935-5235
Julia Strait Senior Medical Sciences Writer medicine straitj@wusm.wustl.e... 314-286-0141
Joni Westerhouse Assistant Vice Chancellor of Medical Public Affair westerhousej@wustl.e... 314-286-0120