Searching Newswise

Newswise provides powerful tools for searching its entire database of over 80,000 articles.

The quick search form (shown below) appears on every page of our site in the upper right hand corner. Use it to quickly search for terms.
To search for phrases and to do boolean search, click Advanced Search to go directly to the search page.

Advanced search form

The search page

On the left side are the search form and facet links*. On the right side of the search page are the search results. The default view shows all articles, listed by most-recent-release date first.
Add terms, phrases, and facets sequentially to refine and filter your search. Your selections appear at the top of the left column.
Selecting a facet returns all the articles that match that facet and the rest of your search criteria.
*See right sidebar for explanation of facets
Current Selection

Type each term or phrase in the text field, and hit [enter]. Your selections appear under the Current Selection header. Each selection can be removed individually, or you can remove all of them and start fresh.


To search for a phrase, enclose your phrase in “quotes”. A phrase can be up to five words long. Symbols and common words such as “and” and “the” are ignored; this should not negatively affect your results. Phrase search results are returned in the order of best-matches first.

Boolean searching

  1. The default relationship between each term you add sequentially is AND. Sequentially entering
    first, and then entering
    returns all articles that contain both terms.
  2. AND:
    anesthesia AND analgesia
    returns all articles that contain both terms.
  3. Entering
    anesthesia analgesia
    at the same time returns all articles that contain EITHER term.
  4. OR:
    anesthesia OR analgesia
    returns all articles that contain either term.
  5. To exclude a term from your search results, add a minus sign directly before the term (no space). This technique works only when there is text preceding it. You cannot start a search with a symbol. For example:
    "transcendental meditation" -depression

    returns articles that mention Transcendental Meditation which do not mention depression. If you add another selection to this search,
    "blood pressure" -yoga
    you will retrieve articles that mention Transcendental Meditation and blood pressure without mentioning depression and yoga.


Search form autocomplete with source institution names

Selecting a source

  1. Selecting a source will return all articles by that souce that also meet the rest of your search criteria, if any. You can select from the Top Sources list which shows the ten sources with the most contributions. This list dynamically updates to reflect the source institutions that have articles matching all of your search criteria.
  2. To select any source, even if it is not in the Top Sources list, start typing the source name into the text box. Autocomplete suggestions will appear in a menu below it. Select a name from the list to enter that source facet.

Other facets

Farther down the left column there are facet links for keywords, channels, article types, and sections. The size of the links reflects the number of articles that have that facet. These are some of the ways that content is organized and classified on Newswise. By selecting a facet you will return all articles that match that facet and the rest of your search criteria.


We are working on improving our search. Thank you for your helpful feedback.

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