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Released: 11-Jul-2024 9:05 AM EDT
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Researchers Find Parent and Caregiver Support Linked to Decreased Depression and Suicidal Thoughts in LGBTQ+ and non-LGBTQ+ Youth
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

A new study from researchers found that LGBTQ+ youth were more likely to experience depression and thoughts and attempts of suicide than non-LGBTQ+ youth, yet the prevalence of these mental health symptoms were significantly reduced when LGBTQ+ youths reported support from their parents.

Newswise: Cirrhosis affects twice as many transgender adults as cisgender adults
Released: 10-Jul-2024 12:00 PM EDT
Cirrhosis affects twice as many transgender adults as cisgender adults
Keck Medicine of USC

A new study from Keck Medicine of USC published in The American Journal of Gastroenterology finds that transgender adults have double the prevalence of cirrhosis compared to cisgender adults (people whose gender identity matches the sex they were assigned at birth), suggesting a need for more supportive, preventive care.

Released: 27-Jun-2024 4:05 PM EDT
Pride Day 2024: Celebrating Diversity and Promoting Understanding

As Pride Day approaches on Friday, June 28, 2024, we invite you to explore the significance of this annual celebration, which has become a symbol of hope, acceptance, and unity for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide.

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Released: 27-Jun-2024 12:05 PM EDT
Cedars-Sinai Advocates for LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education, Research

A team of investigators in Cedars-Sinai’s Department of Computational Biomedicine is spotlighting the importance of diversity in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and artificial intelligence (AI) research.

Newswise: First of its kind study shines light on LGBTQ+ farmer mental health
Released: 27-Jun-2024 11:05 AM EDT
First of its kind study shines light on LGBTQ+ farmer mental health
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

LGBTQ+ people involved in farm work are over three times more likely to experience depression and suicidal intent and about two and a half times more likely to experience anxiety than the general population. That’s according to a new study led by farmer mental health experts at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

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Released: 26-Jun-2024 11:05 AM EDT
Improving Prostate Cancer Screening for Transgender Women

Transgender women are still at risk for prostate cancer. A new study led by Cedars-Sinai Cancer investigators, published in the peer-reviewed Journal of the American Medical Association, concludes that current screening guidelines could miss early-stage prostate cancer in transgender women on hormone therapy.

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9-Jun-2024 7:05 PM EDT
LGBTQ+ students in collegiate recovery programs are doing very well but have unique needs
Research Society on Alcoholism

Compared to their cisgender/heterosexual peers, LGBTQ+ college students are at an elevated risk of substance use and mental health challenges. While collegiate recovery programs provide an array of support to students in recovery from substance use disorders, scarce research has examined the unique needs of LGBTQ+ students within this population.

Newswise: Lack of healthcare screening puts gender diverse people at greater cancer risk
Released: 19-Jun-2024 7:05 PM EDT
Lack of healthcare screening puts gender diverse people at greater cancer risk
University of South Australia

The lack of culturally safe health screening for people who are transgender and gender diverse (TGD) is putting them at greater risk of cancer going undetected, but nurse practitioners could be trained to help close the gap.

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Released: 19-Jun-2024 12:05 PM EDT
El Enfoque de los Cuidados del Médico Transexual de la Marina se Inspira en su Propia Transición

Es un auxiliar médico de un hospital de la Marina de los EE. UU. que ha brindado atención médica a las tropas en la clínica y a las tropas recién salidas del campo de combate.

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Released: 19-Jun-2024 9:05 AM EDT
Transgender Navy Medic’s Approach to Care Inspired by His Own Transition

He’s a U.S. Navy hospital corpsman who has provided medical care to troops in the clinic and to troops fresh off the combat field.

Released: 18-Jun-2024 9:00 AM EDT
Journal Explores the Experiences of Minority and Young Populations Within LGBTQ Community
American Counseling Association

The experiences and mental health of children, youth and marginalized groups within the LGBTQ+ community is the focus of a special two-part series in the Journal of LGBTQ Issues in Counseling.

Newswise: Cyberbullying and sexual harassment rampant in esports
Released: 17-Jun-2024 6:05 PM EDT
Cyberbullying and sexual harassment rampant in esports
University of South Australia

It’s one of the fastest growing industries globally, raking in millions for the best players and attracting a huge fanbase, but a new Australian study has revealed the dark side of professional video gaming: cyberbullying and sexual harassment.