Newswise — Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO) Founder and Director, Antonio Giordano, M.D., Ph.D., of Temple University and the University of Siena, Italy, is part of the GYNOCARE COST Action (CA18117) chaired by Prof Jean Calleja Agius of the University of Malta. This COST Action has just launched the official website:

GYNOCARE is a European network for Gynaecological Rare Cancer research: from Concept to Cure. This COST Action is establishing an interdisciplinary network that brings together key players in biomedical research and biobanking, as well as clinicians, lawyers and pharmacists with a common aim to advance the design and development of novel treatments targeting personalised medical care for patients with rare gynaecological cancer.

Approximately 18.5 million women annually are affected by gynaecological cancer, with more than half being classified as rare cancers. Delayed diagnosis of patients suffering from rare gynaecological cancers leads to poor outcomes and contributes to a huge socio-economic burden.

The aims of this COST Action is to create a unique network between key stakeholders covering these distinct domains: conducting basic research on rare gynaecological cancer, biobanking, bridging the gap with the pharmaceutical industry, and establishing legal and regulatory requirements for international trials and other research collaborative efforts. To achieve these ambitious goals, research coordination and capacity building objectives have been devised in accordance with the mission and vision of the COST Action, including the provision of equal networking opportunities for early stage researchers, and other talented young professionals.

More information on this COST Action can be found on


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