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How do African universities approach DEI?

Ishmael Munene, a professor in NAU’s Department of Educational Leadership, has received a prestigious Fulbright Scholar Award to teach and conduct research in Kenya for the 2024-25 school year. Munene will compare the diversity, equity and...
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Exploring the long-term impacts of ponderosa pine restoration treatment

In 1996, John Paul Roccaforte and his colleagues at NAU's Ecological Research Institute embarked on a 20-year restoration study restoration across more than 5,000 acres of dense ponderosa pine forests in northern Arizona.
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Is 100% survival after stroke achievable?

With a focus on reducing racial and gender disparities in health outcomes for stroke patients and creating adaptable, functional medical devices that can go from the lab to the surgical suite, the students are getting hands-on experience that is...
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New NASA mission to map Earth’s surface in 3D moves one step closer

The Earth Dynamics Geodetic Explorer (EDGE)—a newly proposed NASA satellite mission to monitor the three-dimensional structure of global vegetation and ice—is one of four finalists selected for NASA’s next generation of Earth-observing...
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What happened to the ‘fireproof’ desert—and what can be done

The Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona and northern Mexico has long been largely immune to fires, despite its intense heat. There simply wasn't enough fuel to feed severe fires. In the last two decades, wetter winters and the increase of invasive...
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New AI guidelines for Arizona K-12 educators advocates a balanced approach

NAU’s Arizona Institute for Education and the Economy shared a free, downloadable document that provides guidance on teaching and learning with generative AI, developed in collaboration with teachers, parents and technology experts across the...
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What drives a warming tundra to release carbon into the atmosphere?

Increased warming in tundra ecosystems is resulting the release of carbon into the atmosphere through ecosystem respiration, contributing additionally to climate change. A recent meta-analysis published Nature revealed factors that contribute to...
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Where is the Colorado River going?

More than half of the American West’s iconic river is being diverted, mostly for use in irrigated agriculture, according to a study released today.
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