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Arizona biologist part of international team to sequence genome of rare reptilian ‘living fossil’

Northern Arizona University professor Marc Tollis was one of a dozen collaborators sequencing the genome of the tuatara, a lizard-like creature that lives on the islands of New Zealand. This groundbreaking research was done in partnership with the...
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NAU scientists partner in $26 million NSF initiative to establish new Center for Quantum Networks

In its first NSF Engineering Research Center collaboration, NAU will receive nearly $2 million in funding as a CQN contributing partner in the areas of research, education and workforce development.
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Stocks of vulnerable carbon twice as high where permafrost subsidence is factored in, new research finds

Northern Arizona University researchers Elaine Pegoraro, Christina Schädel, Emily Romano, Meghan Taylor and Ted Schuur collaborated on the study, which suggests that traditional methods of permafrost thaw measurement underestimate the amount of...
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Research Team Sees Major Shift in Relationship Between State-by-State Traffic and COVID-19 Cases, Offering Insights Into Outcomes of Lockdown Policies

“In many states, traffic appears to be a leading indicator, increasing first, with COVID-19 cases rising after a delay of up to 11 days,” said Northern Arizona University professor Kevin Gurney, head of the NAU research group analyzing the data....
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Hydrogeologist a collaborator on research, published in a special-edition journal, addressing need for conservation of springs in drying climate

Northern Arizona University professor Abe Springer, whose research focuses on springs and aquifers and their effects on surrounding ecosystems, contributed results and implications on springs as refugia from his research group’s springs...
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Responding to the response: Anthropologist conducting survey to gauge Americans' feelings on the country's response to COVID-19

Medical anthropologist Lisa Hardy knows a complex global problem like the coronavirus pandemic requires interdisciplinary solutions, so she put her experience in measuring community engagement and resilience to use collecting real-time data into...
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Atmospheric scientist says US carbon dioxide emissions have dropped to unprecedented levels during pandemic

As the demand for transportation fuels has plummeted at an unprecedented rate in the last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a Northern Arizona University scientist says the dramatic decrease in local air pollution and carbon dioxide (CO2) levels...
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NAU launches COVID-19 Testing Service Center to evaluate new drugs to fight deadly virus

The Pathogen and Microbiome Institute (PMI) at Northern Arizona University (NAU) today announced that it is launching the COVID-19 Testing Service Center (CTSC) to grow the SARS-CoV-2 virus and test new drugs against it. By repurposing its existing...
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