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UChicago-led effort receives Grand Challenges Grant for research developing universal influenza vaccine

Patrick Wilson, PhD, professor of medicine and rheumatology at the University of Chicago, and a group of researchers from three other institutions have received aGrand Challenge for Universal Influenza Vaccine Development grant – a $12 million...
17-Sep-2019 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Long before other fish, ancient sharks found an alternative way to feed

Researchers from the University of Chicago have used tools developed to explore 3D movements and mechanics of modern-day fish jaws to analyze a fossil fish for the first time.
9-Sep-2019 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

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‘Together We Answer Cancer’ campaign raises awareness, funds for cancer research, patients and families

The University of Chicago Medicine is partnering with the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation and key media outlets in a multifaceted cause-marketing campaign to support the American Cancer Society.
9-Sep-2019 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Study Supports Link Between Pollution and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Based on analysis of large population data sets from both the United States and Denmark, a new study found poor air quality associated with increased rates of bipolar disorder and major depression in both countries.
15-Aug-2019 12:15 PM EDT Add to Favorites

UChicago Medicine oncologist to receive prestigious medal for leukemia research

University of Chicago Medicine oncologist and professor Richard A. Larson, MD, will receive the 2019 Henry M. Stratton Medal from the American Society of Hematology.
13-Aug-2019 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Improving the Standard of Therapy for Patients with Intermediate-Risk Neuroblastoma

A study shows certain patients with the pediatric cancer neuroblastoma can be treated with less chemotherapy and maintain excellent survival. The new treatment strategy changes the standard of care for patients.
7-Aug-2019 4:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

UChicago Medicine rises to No. 2 in Illinois on U.S. News’ list

The University of Chicago Medicine moved up to No. 2 in both Chicago and Illinois in the 2019-2020 U.S. News & World Report rankings of the country’s best adult hospitals.
30-Jul-2019 12:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Researchers receive $17M grant to fight opioid addiction, overdoses in criminal justice populations

UChicago Medicine researchers have been awarded a five-year, $17 million grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study how best to reduce opioid addiction and overdoses in prisons.
26-Jul-2019 12:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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Our Experts on Newswise

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Cervical Cancer Expert Available to Comment on New USPSTF Guidelines

22-Aug-2018 11:05 AM EDT

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Quitting Cigarettes: One of the Toughest New Year’s Resolutions

Deciding to stop smoking is one of the most common, beneficial and difficult New Year’s resolutions. Smoking reminders are abundant, nicotine withdrawal is difficult and the resolution process itself is flawed.
29-Dec-2017 3:30 PM EST

Newswise: KING.jpg

Quitting cigarettes: One of the toughest new year’s resolutions; UChicago Medicine expert offers tips on getting past “false hope syndrome”

29-Dec-2017 3:05 PM EST

Dr. Tao Xie: Researcher and Medical Expert in Parkinson's Disease. @uchicagomed

17-Nov-2017 2:05 PM EST

Newswise: BishopMichael.jpg

Dr. Bishop @Uchicagomed Knows CAR T-Cell Therapy Backward and Forward

30-Aug-2017 3:55 PM EDT

Neurosurgeon Peleg Horowitz's research focuses on genetics of brain, skull base tumors. #glioblastoma #braincancer #mccain @uchicagomed

19-Jul-2017 9:05 PM EDT

Dr. Daniel Golden is a brain cancer expert. @uchicagomed #mccain #glioblastoma

19-Jul-2017 8:05 PM EDT

FDA Approval Granted to Pediatric Device Used to Treat Esophageal Birth Defect

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has granted authorization for a magnetic device used to treat pediatric esophageal atresia, a birth defect that causes abnormal formation of the esophagus. The Flourish™ Pediatric Esophageal Atresia device was...
25-May-2017 2:05 PM EDT

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