B-Corporations Unite

Green Home Store New Living Partners with Savvy Rest Organic

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Released: 30-Oct-2013 10:00 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Savvy Rest

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  • Credit: Savvy Rest

    Central Virginia manufacturer Savvy Rest makes organic mattresses and bedding near Charlottesville.

  • Credit: Bcorporation.net

    Employee-owned Savvy Rest is a certified B-Corporation (Benefit Corporation).

Newswise — A unique partnership in Houston has brought together one manufacturer and one retailer with one large commitment in common. Central Virginia-based organic mattress and bedding manufacturer, Savvy Rest, has expanded its dealer network to Houston, and is offering its specialized products through New Living, Houston’s flagship green building and home store.

What’s unusual about this vendor-retailer relationship is that both companies are certified B-Corporations (benefit corporations). B-Corp companies pledge and are audited annually for their proven commitments to value benefits to community, employees, and the environment as much as profits.

Growing consumer and scientific concerns about the health risks of chemicals in home products motivated Savvy Rest to create organic products that help make the bedroom a key retreat from off-gassing chemicals, pesticide residues and other toxins. Savvy Rest’s layered mattress design also allows each customer to customize the firmness of the mattress. Comfort and pain relief result from highly personalized layer combinations, even on different sides.

Savvy Rest’s dealer network has expanded to over 100 locations nationwide over the last few years. When the company took steps to meet the rigorous B-Corp standards for social and environmental performance, it also began to seek out like-minded retailers to carry its products.

New Living, the Houston store founded in 2007 by social entrepreneur Jeff Kaplan, was receptive. Shortly after the company’s launch, New Living had become the first certified B-Corp retail store in the United States. Kaplan’s vision is to offer Houstonians nontoxic and sustainably-made products including building supplies, paint, furniture, and mattresses. Across their business, New Living focuses on the B-Corp “triple bottom line”: People, Planet, and Profits. They are committed to creating positive economic, social and environmental impacts within Houston.

The cooperative partnership between New Living and Savvy Rest will bring healthful, comfortable sleeping options to one of the largest metro areas in the United States. The companies’ focus on accountability and sustainability may have an even greater impact, one that both companies hope will inspire new thinking about business and sustainability in the region.


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