NSU's Charles Zelden, Gary Gershman Can Provide Commentary on DNC, 2012 Presidential Race

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Released: 4-Sep-2012 11:55 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Nova Southeastern University

Expert Pitch

As the 2012 Democratic National Convention gets underway this week in Charlotte, N.C., Nova Southeastern University political experts are available to speak with media about various aspects of the convention, the Republican and Democratic presidential and V.P. candidates, and issues that affect this year’s political race.

Charles Zelden, Ph.D., professor of History, Law and Politics believes that the Democrats should focus on three things during their convention, a) Make sure that EVERYTHING they say is factually accurate. (Ryan's speech was a gift, but they can blow it if they too spread factually inaccurate statements); b) Remind Americans what president Obama actually did, especially in the context of what he faced as he took office; and c) Continue to assert that Romney and Ryan as extremist, out-of-touch, and unprepared to face the problems of nation.

Gary Gershman, J.D., Ph.D., associate professor, History and Legal Studies. Gershman holds a law degree from Villanova School of Law and a Masters and Ph.D. in history from Duke University. He teaches classes in American history, Government, Constitutional law and history, and Genocide and the Holocaust. Gershman has authored two books - one on the Death Penalty [Death Penalty on Trial: A Handbook with Cases, Law and Documents] and one on the Congress [The Legislative Branch of Federal Government: People, Politics and Process].

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