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Villanova School of Business Economics Instructor Available for Media Comment on the Economic Impact of the Government Shutdown

Released: 2-Oct-2013 5:00 PM EDT
Source Newsroom: Villanova University
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David Fiorenza is an Economics instructor at Villanova University who is available for media comment on the effects of the Federal government shutdown:

"The effects of a Federal shutdown will affect those who would use the federal services that are closed. For example,Valley Forge National Historical Park will remain closed until the Federal shutdown is over. Each individual's needs are different and some will not be affected by this Federal shutdown. I will not be affected since I will not be visiting national parks or have the need to get a passport, but some people will be put out by the temporary shutdown.

Most government is local or county oriented with funding from local people (taxpayers owning property/businesses) so I would be very concerned if my local municipality or local county closed because I rely on their services for almost all of my needs from refuse and recycling collection to local police and fire,etc; which most if not all of these services are funded with local or state tax dollars.

The Federal Government will still be collecting tax revenues, fees and receipts to make any payments to social security, medicare, medicaid and the national defense."

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