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Potty Training Before Age 2 Linked to Increased Risk of Later Wetting Problems

Children who start toilet training before age 2 have a three times higher risk of developing daytime wetting problems later, according to new research.
7-Oct-2014 12:15 AM EDT

Wake Forest Baptist Dishes on Fair Food

The cool, crisp air will soon be filled with the tantalizing scent of fried candy bars, funnel cakes and candy apples. Local and state fairs may offer thrilling rides and fun games, but perhaps the biggest attraction is the food.
2-Oct-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Study Offers Fertility Preservation Option to Young Boys with Cancer

Treatments for certain childhood cancers come with a high risk of sterility. A new research study for young boys is focused on fertility preservation and restoration.
1-Oct-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Meditation May Mitigate Migraine Misery

Meditation might be a path to migraine relief, according to a new study by researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
11-Sep-2014 3:00 PM EDT

Milestone Reached in Work to Build Replacement Kidneys in the Lab

Working with human-sized pig kidneys, researchers at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have developed the most successful method to date to keep blood vessels in the new organs open and flowing with blood. This is a significant hurdle...
9-Sep-2014 8:00 AM EDT

Wake Forest Baptist Researcher Awarded NASA Grant to Study Effects of Space Travel on Hip and Knee Joints

Jeffrey S. Willey, Ph.D., assistant professor of radiation oncology at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, has been awarded a grant by NASA’s Space Biology Program to study how space flight can cause degeneration of skeletal joints and to test...
8-Sep-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Novel Cancer Drug Proves Safe for Leukemia Patients in Phase I Clinical Trial

Results of a Phase I clinical trial showed that a new drug targeting mitochondrial function in human cancer cells was safe and showed some efficacy. The findings, reported by doctors at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, are published in the...
8-Sep-2014 10:00 AM EDT

Study: Viral Infection in Nose Can Trigger Middle Ear Infection

Middle ear infections, which affect more than 85 percent of children under the age of 3, can be triggered by a viral infection in the nose rather than solely by a bacterial infection, according to researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.
5-Sep-2014 3:45 PM EDT

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Wake Forest Baptist Offers Tips on Having a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Sticking to a gluten-free diet over Thanksgiving may sound like no fun, but many people don’t have a choice.
20-Nov-2014 2:25 PM EST

Holiday Fare May Present Problems for People with Food Allergies

During the holidays, the very variety and complexity of foods served can make it difficult for someone with a food allergy to know what to avoid and what to try.
11-Nov-2014 9:40 AM EST

Body Mechanics Key to Avoiding, Relieving Chronic Lower Back Pain

Most chronic pain is caused by damage to the discs in the lumbar region. And much of that damage is caused by poor body mechanics – the way people stand, walk, lift, carry, reach, bend, sit and sleep – in which the back is too often flat, not...
6-Oct-2014 9:00 AM EDT

Wake Forest Baptist Offers Tips on Making Healthy Lunches

Which lunch option would most children prefer: pizza, soda and fries or a PB&J sandwich, carrot sticks and yogurt?
19-Sep-2014 2:00 PM EDT

Family, Friends Can Play Major Supporting Roles in Helping Smokers Quit

5-Sep-2014 2:55 PM EDT

Medicine Looking Deeper Into Vital Differences Between Women and Men

It is now commonly accepted that there is a biological basis for sex differences in a number of common conditions. And there’s active research into why other conditions occur more frequently in women than men.
12-Aug-2014 8:00 AM EDT

Dr. Rosenbaum’s “Tell” Signs for Faked World Cup Injuries

7-Jul-2014 11:00 AM EDT

Acne Can’t Be Prevented or Cured, but It Can Be Treated Effectively

Recent advances in both medications and approaches to care have significantly reduced the impact acne once had on both skin and self-esteem.
3-Jun-2014 2:00 PM EDT

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