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High Iron Intake May Increase Appetite, Disease Risk

Here’s one more reason to cut down on the amount of red meat you eat. Using an animal model, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have found that dietary iron intake, equivalent to heavy red meat consumption, suppresses leptin, a...
24-Aug-2015 4:00 PM EDT

Vitamin D Supplements Could Help Reduce Falls in Homebound Elderly

Every year falls affect approximately one in three older adults living at home, with approximately one in 10 falls resulting in serious injury. Even if an injury does not occur, the fear of falling can lead to reduced activity and a loss of...
17-Aug-2015 3:05 PM EDT

Physical, Psychological Factors Have Varied Effects on Cognitive Function in Elderly Female Stroke Patients

An estimated 65 percent of ischemic stroke survivors experience cognitive impairment and decline. However, little is known about the varying roles of cognitive risk and protective factors before, during and after stroke.
6-Jul-2015 3:05 PM EDT

Anonymous Donor Gives $20 Million for Cancer Research at Wake Forest Baptist

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center has received $20 million to study the effects of muscadine grape extract (MGE) on prostate and breast cancers. The gift by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous is the largest ever received by the Medical Center.
15-Jun-2015 10:05 AM EDT

New Discoveries Advance Efforts to Build Replacement Kidneys in the Lab

Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center report progress in their goal to make use of the more than 2,600 kidneys that are donated each year, but must be discarded due to abnormalities and other factors. The scientists aim to “recycle”...
1-Jun-2015 2:05 PM EDT

Study Identifies Brain Regions Activated When Pain Intensity Doesn’t Match Expectation

Picture yourself in a medical office, anxiously awaiting your annual flu shot. The nurse casually states, “This won’t hurt a bit.” But when the needle pierces your skin it hurts, and it hurts a lot. Your expectations have been violated, and...
27-May-2015 10:05 AM EDT

Researchers Make Progress Engineering Digestive System Tissues

New proof-of-concept research suggests the potential for engineering replacement intestine tissue in the lab, a treatment that could be applied to infants born with a short bowel and adults having large pieces of gut removed due to cancer or...
18-May-2015 9:00 AM EDT

Research Study Describes Potential New Method to Assess Stress

– Stress. Life’s trauma, physical or non-physical, can cause a flight-or-fight, or a freeze, stress response. Most experience it. Some are crippled by it. So how can stress, the body’s responses to what life throws at us, be assessed?
4-May-2015 10:05 AM EDT

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Ultrasound Is Making New Waves Throughout Medicine


For decades, ultrasound was employed in only a handful of medical specialties. But today it is being used across the spectrum of disciplines, from anesthesiology to urology.
2-Jun-2015 2:05 PM EDT

Researchers Probing Potential Power of Meditation as Therapy


Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are examining the effectiveness of meditation as a therapy for mild cognitive impairment and migraine headaches and as a way to reduce pain.
8-Apr-2015 8:00 AM EDT

Gluten-Free Diet Is Treatment, Not Trend, for Those with Celiac Disease

For people who have celiac disease, going gluten-free isn't a lifestyle choice, it's a necessity. For everyone else, steering clear of gluten isn't necessarily a good idea.
27-Jan-2015 9:00 AM EST

Pediatric Urologist, and Frequent Miralax Prescriber, Addresses Controversy About Safety

8-Jan-2015 1:00 PM EST

Research Points to Need for New Approaches in Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Recent findings have punctured some long-held beliefs about hypertension, its triggers and effects, and the best ways to treat it.
9-Dec-2014 4:00 PM EST

Healthy Holiday Potluck and Seasonal Fire Safety: Medical Experts Available

A registered dietitian is available to offer delicious, nutritious food ideas for holiday potlucks; and a trauma/burn expert can discuss fire safety and burn prevention as they relate to the holiday season.
9-Dec-2014 10:45 AM EST

Wake Forest Baptist Offers Tips on Having a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Sticking to a gluten-free diet over Thanksgiving may sound like no fun, but many people don’t have a choice.
20-Nov-2014 2:25 PM EST

Holiday Fare May Present Problems for People with Food Allergies

During the holidays, the very variety and complexity of foods served can make it difficult for someone with a food allergy to know what to avoid and what to try.
11-Nov-2014 9:40 AM EST

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