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Bariatric Surgery Is Effective Under the Right Circumstances

Obesity is a medical problem that can have wide-ranging mental and physical effects on a person. Pamela Bass knows that firsthand, but thanks to University of Alabama at Birmingham surgeons, she has a new lifestyle and a new state of mind. For...
17-Jul-2018 9:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites


How Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Escapes Death in Macrophages

The bacteria that cause tuberculosis are able to escape destruction and grow after they are engulfed by lung macrophages. Now researchers have described key biochemical steps between the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis and the macrophage...
10-Jul-2018 10:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Study: Multivitamins Do Not Prevent Strokes, Heart Attacks or Cardiovascular Disease Deaths

A new study led by University of Alabama at Birmingham Researchers shows that multivitamins and mineral supplements do not prevent heart attacks, strokes or cardiovascular death.
9-Jul-2018 11:30 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Human clinical trial reveals verapamil as an effective Type 1 diabetes therapy

Verapamil, a widely used blood pressure medication, has been found to help promote insulin production in adult subjects with recent-onset Type 1 diabetes by preserving beta cell function, when added to a standard insulin regimen. The findings mark...
9-Jul-2018 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Path to Successful Diabetes Drug Trial Began with Simple Question

• The ultimate goal of basic biomedical research is to better the lives of patients through prevention, control or cure of disease. • Crossing that gap between the lab and bedside is difficult to achieve. • One great need for better...
9-Jul-2018 11:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Viral Immunotherapy for Brain Tumors in Children Shows Promise

A viral immunotherapy using a herpes virus to treat brain tumors has been shown to be safe and well-tolerated in a pediatric study from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and Children’s of Alabama.
3-Jul-2018 3:20 PM EDT Add to Favorites


Study Reveals Misuse of Archive Services by Fringe Communities on the Web

In a large-scale analysis, Jeremy Blackburn, Ph.D., and collaborators found that the misuse of web archive services causes loss of ad revenue for popular news websites.
3-Jul-2018 11:05 AM EDT Add to Favorites


Metformin Reverses Established Lung Fibrosis

Researchers have shown — for the first time — that established lung fibrosis can be reversed using a drug treatment that targets cell metabolism. This is important because, despite significant advances in the pathological mechanisms of...
29-Jun-2018 3:30 PM EDT Add to Favorites

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