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Newswise Members Share Stories of Their Success Using Our Effective News Release Distribution Services

We did really well with coverage from our annual meeting. Newswise has worked well for us in getting out our research on an embargoed basis.
A national public health organization

Yes, we were just marveling at the number of releases we’ve been sending to Newswise.  And the number of web clips we’re getting really means our news is out there!
A national science institute

I think these seasonal wires are one of the best services of Newswise!
A national medical institute

I am so delighted with the results of our recent feed. Explaining pig islet transplantation had proven hard from a public relations standpoint. Using the Newswise feed, we were able to generate several great hits for the client. 
Media relations firm

And let me add my enthusiastic endorsement for Newswise. It is not free for us, but it is free for reporters, and they do use it - particularly medical, science and technology reporters.
Major university

For this feature, Watt Now Newswise distribution helped to penetrate the blogosphere. I am sure that no bloggers would have picked it up from our web site. Instead it wound up on several blogs and news aggregation sites. My goal with this feature was not to get into the mainstream media. I was more interested in having USC join the conversation on climate change with a thoughtful piece, and the extra boost in distribution through Newswise helped in that regard.
Major university

Discount Rates for Firms Working with Non-Profit Clients

Expand your client's media reach. Reduced Rates for Non-Profits

Newswise introduces discounted rates for public relations firms working with charitable non-profit organizations, higher education institutions, government entities, and research associations.

This is an opportunity for public relations professionals to offer an effective and efficient news release distribution and web posting service to qualifying clients. Newswise membership includes the following features, and more!

News Release Distribution:
• Single daily email compilation
• 20,000 subscribers
• Twenty years of trusted relationships with journalists
• Elegant delivery, hyperlinked headlines open to full release
• Efficient and effective, sign up for a sample

News Site Libraries:
• Thoughtful organization
• Permanent placements in channels
• Sophisticated search features

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Who is Eligible?
Charitable non-profits, research associations, and higher education institutions are eligible for deeply discounted annual membership. Entry packages begin at $1,000 and include up to 20 news release postings. Your client purchases the membership, and you have the option to manage the account.

(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to find out if your client qualifies, and to receive pricing information.  You may also contact us by phone at 434-296-9417, between 9am and 5pm ET

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