Newswise — Brandon Hudgins, professional long-distance runner, GPA/Wegener’s patient and leader of VF Team Brandon, has shared his story in his recently released book, “Going the Distance: The Journey of a Vasculitis Patient on the Road to Olympic Glory.”  

Brandon’s story and perseverance is an inspiration for anyone who has ever faced a challenge – be it a diagnosis of a rare disease or other challenge.

Empower yourself to succeed by believing in yourself
Brandon wrote, “If you embrace the challenge and dream as a risk, then you are giving into failure as an option.  I have always felt that labeling something a risk is dis-empowering.  The challenge should empower you, not be looked at as a threat–doing so engages the wrong pathways in your brain.  This is something you have to do to succeed, not something you are hoping . . . will work.  Empower yourself by believing in your plan and your talents, and you will be able to take the necessary steps to succeed.

VF Team Brandon Continues to Help Patients Achieve Their Personal Best! 

At the Vasculitis Foundation, we’re thrilled to continue our partnership with Brandon Hudgins, professional long-distance runner, GPA/Wegener’s patient and leader of VF Team Brandon.

VF Team Brandon was established in March 2016 to support Brandon as he trained and competed for a spot on the the U.S. Summer Olympics Team.  Although he didn’t make the Olympic Team, Brandon’s amazing spirit and positive outlook on life continues to inspire 300+ team members to participate in weekly exercise challenges to become more active and healthy.  Members also participated in awareness challenges issued by Brandon.

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