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Released: 21-Feb-2020 9:00 AM EST
Comparing greenhouse gas footprints of online versus traditional shopping
American Chemical Society (ACS)

In a study in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology, researchers estimated that shopping at brick-and-mortar stores for personal/home care products produces less greenhouse gas than one type of online shopping, but more than another.

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Newswise: As Oceans Warm, Fish Flee
Released: 24-Feb-2020 11:45 AM EST
As Oceans Warm, Fish Flee
University of Delaware

New research shows that nations in the tropics are especially vulnerable to the loss of fish species due to climate change. But none of the 127 international fisheries agreements have language that prepares countries for the exits of stock, climate change or range shifts.

Newswise: Antibodies: the body’s own antidepressants
Released: 21-Feb-2020 11:05 AM EST
Antibodies: the body’s own antidepressants
Max Planck Society (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft)

Antibodies can be a blessing or a curse to the brain - it all depends on their concentration

Released: 20-Feb-2020 2:00 PM EST
Could This Plaque Identifying Toothpaste Prevent a Heart Attack or Stroke?
Florida Atlantic University

For decades, researchers have suggested a link between oral health and inflammatory diseases affecting the entire body – in particular, heart attacks and strokes. Results of a randomized pilot trial of Plaque HD®, the first toothpaste that identifies plaque so that it can be removed with directed brushing, showed that it produced a statistically significant reduction in C-reactive protein, a sensitive marker for future risks of heart attacks and strokes, among those with elevations at baseline.

Newswise: 224965_web.jpg
Released: 21-Feb-2020 12:15 PM EST
Frozen bird turns out to be 46,000-year-old horned lark
Stockholm University

Scientists have recovered DNA from a well-preserved horned lark found in Siberian permafrost.

Newswise: 224970_web.jpg
Released: 21-Feb-2020 11:55 AM EST
Bariatric surgery effective against early-onset obesity too
University of Gothenburg

Surgical treatment of obesity is as effective for individuals who developed the disorder early, by the age of 20, as for those who have developed obesity later in life, a study from the University of Gothenburg shows.

Newswise: 224995_web.jpg
Released: 21-Feb-2020 11:30 AM EST
Greener spring, warmer air
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Advanced leaf-out, or early sprouting and opening leaves, is a direct response to climate change.

Newswise: 224993_web.jpg
Released: 21-Feb-2020 11:10 AM EST
How earthquakes deform gravity
GFZ GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam

Lightning - one, two, three - and thunder. For centuries, people have estimated the distance of a thunderstorm from the time between lightning and thunder.

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