- Dr Fay Couceiro, Senior Research Fellow in Biogeochemistry

Dr Couceiro is an expert in pollution. Her research interests are the sources and fates of pollutants in the environment and interventions to mitigate their impact. This includes: 

  • Excess nutrients in aquatic systems and the role of sediments in their availability under differing environmental conditions, particularly climate change.
  • Microplastics and their impact on the natural environment and human health.
  • Organic pollutants such as pesticides and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), particularly those released from fossil fuels.


- Dr Joanne Preston, Reader in Marine Ecology and Evolution

Dr Preston’s research is focused on the interconnected restoration ecology of coastal habitats, particularly oyster reefs, seagrass and saltmarsh. Research interests are:

  • How marine organisms function and interact with environmental pressures such as climate change and microplastics. 
  • How marine and coastal habitats offer natural carbon and nutrient storage solutions.


- Dr Ian Hendy, Senior Teaching Fellow in the School of Biological Sciences -

 Dr Hendy is involved in a number of marine conservation projects on the South Coast of England  that can help reduce the impact of climate change including a re-wilding project that aims to create a safe habitat for one of the UK’s native seahorse species and a Sir David Attenborough-backed campaign to restore a vast underwater kelp forest off the West Sussex coast.


- Ewan Tregarot, Research Fellow in the Centre for Blue Governance

Ewan’s research focuses on the contribution of Nature to people, examining:

  • Coastal marine ecosystems.
  • Ecological condition and vulnerability to multiple pressures including climate change.
  • Nature-based solutions to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change.

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