Newswise — Scientists have showed that medicine on the base of vitamin B6 can be used for treatment of post-COVID asthenia – condition when patients complain of rapid fatigability, problems with memory and sleep. Taking of this product enabled 35% patients to improve memory, 40% patients began to sleep well, 42% of people began to get tired more slowly. Besides this taking this medicine enabled patients to experience physical activity easier. Results of the research are published in Magazine of Infectology.

Prevalence of COVID -19 is decreasing all over the world, by this most cases proceed easily. However, many people, who had suffered from COVID, noticed that symptoms remained significantly longer than usually. In such cases doctors speak about “post-COVID syndrome” when symptoms remain during more than three weeks after the disease. Among people with mild and middle disease this syndrome occurs in 10-30% cases, and its frequency among patients with severe illness can reach 80%. In this case patients feel tired, have residual short breathing and chest pain, their smelling and sense of taste are worser, they complain of trouble sleeping, anxiety and depression. In general, these symptoms are called asthenic disturbances.

Scientists from Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University estimated efficiency and safety of usage of combined medicine ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate with vitamin B6 (EMHPS / vitamin B6). Such combination is included in such medicine as MexiB6. EMHPS is antioxidant that means that it prevents harmful oxidative stress in brain cells. It also increases resistance of cells to oxygen deficit, protects cell membranes from injuries, that are caused by oxidative stress, and normalizes metabolism in neurons. EMHPS is used in treatment of cerebral blood flow when patients suffer from a stroke, psychosomatic diseases, neurotic disorder, decrease of attention and mental capacity. This medicine is used in Russia and neighboring countries, although there are no authoritative proofs of its efficiency. Vitamin B6, in its turn, is vitally necessary element, that people need for normal functioning of nervous system. It is included in many enzymes, takes part in synthesis and amino acid exchange and neuromediators.

Authors conducted research with participation of 33 people, both male and female, at the age from 22 to 68. During one-month patients took a combined medicine. Researchers visited their patients twice:  before taking medicine and at the end of the month. During their visits doctors questioned patients about their health and made a test using 6-minutes walking.

At the beginning of the experiment most patients complained of decreased memory, disturbance of sleep, easy fatiguability during normal physical and emotional activity. After taking of medicine 35% patients noticed that their memory improved, 40% mentioned that problems with sleep disappeared, 42 % patients made less complaints about easy fatiguability. Besides this after taking a medicine people passed during 6 minutes a distance that was in average by 7% longer than before taking, and that was a statistically reliable result. Thus, a medicine EMHPS/Vitamin B6 improved health of patients and helped to experience physical activity better. It can be recommended as an additional product for physical rehabilitation after CJVID -19.

“We were motivated to conduct this research and study the question of post-covid asthenia by frequent occurrence of “post-covid syndrome”. We estimated efficiency and safety of complex medicine among patients with asthenic and cognitive disorders after covid and discovered that it influenced patients positively. This direction will be developed, patients take part in such researches with great enthusiasm and note the improving of health, and we are glad to help them”, – Yana Belousova, clinical pharmacologist, member of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

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