Cancer News Source Web Page and Cancer News Wire Offer Resources for Journalists, Communicators, and Members of the Public Interested in Cancer News

Newswise — Newswise has recently partnered with the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to create a comprehensive site for cancer research news and experts – the Cancer News Source. NCI and other leaders in cancer research provide the content, creating a site that contains the most up-to-date information directly from the source. The Cancer News Source provides access for journalists, communicators, and public users to monitor the latest cancer news in a one-stop-shop. Newswise distributes a complimentary Cancer Wire each week with the latest cancer news content. “The Cancer News Source collaboration between NCI and Newswise is a chance for the cancer community to share our stories of cancer research in one place – from start to finish,” describes Rick Borchelt, Special Assistant for Public Affairs at NCI about his vision for this project. “We envision this as a place where the research community can post stories about basic research, research breakthroughs, patient journeys and the background that goes into scientific research. There is value in gathering the cancer research community's stories into one location trusted by reporters. The Cancer News Source will fill a need in the community and allow us to broaden outreach to new and important audiences.” Jessica Johnson, Newswise CEO, will be at the PAN Conference in Denver, CO from April 24-27. We invite anyone interested to learn more about Newswise or the Cancer News Source to meet with her at the conference. The communications officers from NCI will present the collaboration at the meeting, and discuss cancer center participation. While the primary audience for the Cancer News Source is journalists, there are advantages for the communications community as well. Communications and public relations officers benefit from staying informed of what other organizations are doing, and now an overview of cancer news is easily accessible when they subscribe to the weekly Cancer Wire. Newswise distribution and news archive system aligns with the interest of communications officers who want to have their information stored and delivered through the most effective platform available. Cancer is a medical topic that automatically interests a large sector of people. In addition to the communications and media community, the public is profoundly interested and motivated to stay informed because of the number of people who are personally affected by the disease. Newswise offers these consumers information directly from the source. The archive of news provides an even more valuable resource for the public, because they are interested to find research relevant to their individual situation. “We see this as an important service to the community,” says Roger Johnson, Newswise President. “We want to serve the needs of journalists, communicators, and public users, and we can do that by offering curated, highly credible and peer-reviewed cancer research in one place. Newswise works with research institutions to provide the raw materials for tomorrow's news. With the help of NCI and other contributors, we hope to continue developing the Cancer News Source and building on this structure to further serve our community.”


About Cancer News Source and Cancer News WireThe Cancer News Source is a collaborative project between Newswise and the National Cancer Institute to create a current, comprehensive and qualitative resource for cancer research news. NCI and other leaders in cancer research provide content delivered directly to subscribers via the Newswise website and Wires.

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