San Diego, CA: As companies and institutions from across the globe converge on San Deigo for the annual ACCC meeting there is a common thread between them all – there is a drastic need for more trained professionals. Perhaps no one is in a better situation to see how much this need has grown recently than those in the recruitment industry. Staff Icons Owner, Dawn Foster, has seen the demand grow first hand and says it is only getting worse. “The more we come to shows, like the ACCC, and speak with clients and industry professionals the more that they tell us it is harder and harder to find people for their openings.” As Dawn explained it is not just finding the right person that is the problem, sometimes it simply finding anyone – “One of the biggest problems is the drastic reduction in programs that provide certification for lab professionals. The dwindling number of these programs combined with the rising retirement rate is pushing the demand to astronomical heights.” The numbers clearly back these concerns up:


  • The U.S. programs preparing tomorrow’s laboratory workforce train only about half of what is needed.
  • Fewer than 5,000 individuals are graduating each year from accredited training programs.
  • According to the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS), the number of accredited clinical laboratory technology programs has steadily declined.
  • Approximately 40 percent of the laboratory workforce is within ten years of retirement.


Due to this, the need for recruitment companies that have the manpower and time to reach out to professionals who may not be actively looking is key. While many companies have internal HR and recruitment teams they rarely are provided the same resources as specialized recruiters are allocated, making firms integral partners in the continual search for new qualified employees.

That is why Staff Icons has made it a mission to attend the very best scientific conferences like the ACMG, and provide their services to entities across the company so that they can find the very best individuals out there and continue to provide the products and services they do to improve the lives of us all.

About Staff Icons LLC: Staff Icons is a certified Minority/Woman Owned recruitment firm based in New Jersey specializing recruiting for the health and biotechnology industries nationwide. Staff Icons provide staffing and recruiting solutions for lab, hospitals, universities, and companies globally while they continue to be completely contingency based.  They stand by the idea that if you don’t love their work then you don’t pay them a cent.

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