Newswise — September 20, 2021–Alexandria, Virginia—The American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery (AAO-HNS), in partnership with Intersect ENT, Inc., launched a public education campaign that provides clinically-developed information by experts in the field aimed at helping people better understand their nasal and sinus symptoms. World Sinus Health Awareness Day, with its inaugural celebration on September 29, has an additional special focus in 2021 on providing materials to educate the public about COVID-19 symptoms versus those experienced with chronic sinus diseases.

“We initiated this public service campaign as a way to reach patients around the world with reliable information that not only helps them more fully and better understand their symptoms, but also helps them decide when it is time to seek care from a physician,” said James C. Denneny III, MD, AAO-HNS Executive Vice President and CEO. “As many children are back in school and the fall season of allergies and colds is upon us, World Sinus Health Awareness Day is an excellent vehicle for us to provide the public with the resources and tools they need to discern their symptoms in this age of COVID-19.”

One of the major goals of the World Sinus Health Awareness Day inaugural education campaign is to delineate common ailments of the nose and sinus such as allergic and non-allergic rhinitis and acute and chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) from COVID-19-related symptoms by comparing and differentiating the symptoms of each based on data-driven clinical information in patient friendly terminology. It also will be important to separate evidence-informed treatment for CRS and chronic rhinitis from that of COVID-19-related difficulties and to help patients understand the reasonable expectations for relief of their symptoms.

“Intersect ENT and the American Academy of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery partnered to create World Sinus Health Awareness Day this September 29th with the intention to provide patients and sufferers with broad-based awareness and understanding of sinus conditions, which can greatly impact patients’ quality of life,” said Thomas A. West, President and Chief Executive Officer of Intersect ENT.  “This awareness day serves as an excellent opportunity to end some of the needless suffering associated with sinus conditions.”

Materials developed for this campaign include posters, patient information (digital and print), social media content, webinars, podcasts, media outreach, and more. In 2021, the day will be recognized on September 29 and will be observed annually in September with the dates adjusted as needed. More information can be found at

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Intersect ENT, a global ear, nose and throat (“ENT”) medical technology leader dedicated to transforming patient care, is focused on providing innovative technologies to help address the unmet need of people suffering from chronic rhinosinusitis. It is Intersect ENT’s commitment to support the millions of patients and their ENT physicians to have access to meaningful, clinically proven solutions for chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms.

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