Kelly N. Moore, a Rutgers University expert on how children perceive and recover from trauma, is available to discuss the strategies parents can use when discussing current events, including nationwide protests, police violence and racism, with their children.

“Parents do a huge disservice to their young children if they do not use times like these as opportunities to discuss racial discrimination, and related issues, with their children,” said Moore. “Parents can introduce these topics through various means like books, toys or watching television shows that highlight them. Questions such as, ‘Do you understand what just watched?’ Or ‘Do you have questions about what you just saw?’ can be good starting points.” 

“Additionally, adults living with young children must be mindful not to have the news playing in the background all the time, as some children may experience trauma when disturbing images are constantly replayed. If you believe your child has experienced trauma during this time, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network offers some resources, or you can schedule an appointment to speak with a licensed child therapist."

Moore is the program manager of the Rutgers Center for Resilience and Trauma Recovery. For interviews, contact Maud Alobawone at [email protected] or 848-445-1913.

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