AMP Applauds SACGHS on Release of Final Report on DNA Patents

Article ID: 561151

Released: 5-Feb-2010 1:30 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Association for Molecular Pathology

Newswise — The Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) commends the Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society (SACGHS) for its thoughtful, deliberative exploration into the challenges of gene patents and is hopeful that the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services will act swiftly to adopt measures that would protect patients from the harms of gene patents and exclusive licensing practices. The SACGHS today approved the final version of its long-awaited report on the effects of patenting genetic material titled “Gene Patents and Licensing Practices and Their Impact on Patient Access to Genetic Tests.”

The Association for Molecular Pathology provided public comments to the SACGHS on February 4 and urged the committee to finalize and release the recommendations presented last October to limit or eliminate exclusive patents on DNA sequences. AMP believes an unintended consequence of Bayh-Dole has been that patent holders and their exclusive licensees have frequently chosen to monopolize molecular testing by restricting other health care providers and facilities from developing, performing, and improving tests covered by these patents and licenses. This restriction precludes laboratories from developing tests that would directly benefit patients.

The AMP Executive Officer, Dr. Mark E. Sobel, expressed AMP’s position, “We believe that attaching intellectual property rights to true acts of invention such as new therapeutics, diagnostics, or technology platforms is essential to encourage investment and reward innovation. A single gene or a sequence of the genome, however, is not only a product of nature, but contains heritable information that should not be patentable.” Dr. Sobel continued, “The SACGHS expended great effort and sufficient time to analyze and fully consider the recommendations on the issue of DNA patents. The release of this report is truly a milestone.”

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