German ENT Observing Famed Skull Base Surgery Program

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Released: 16-Jan-2013 3:00 PM EST

Source Newsroom: Loyola University Health System

  • Credit: Loyola University Medical Center

    Martin Canis, MD, and John P. Leonetti, MD

Newswise — MAYWOOD, Il. - Dr. Martin Canis of the University of Goettingen is spending 2 ½ weeks at Loyola University Medical Center observing Loyola's famed skull base surgery program.

Dr. Canis, who is starting a skull base program, will be observing cases by John P. Leonetti, MD, co-director of the Loyola Skull Base Program, and other Loyola physicians. He will be at Loyola through Jan. 23.

"Dr. Leonetti is very famous in the field," said Dr. Canis, a professor and vice chair of the University of Goettingen's ear-nose-throat department. "Dr. Leonetti has done more cases than most other surgeons. He also has done a great deal of research and has many publications." A physician from China, and another physician from Germany, also have observed Loyola's program. "We are perceived as an international leader in skull base surgery," Dr. Leonetti said.

Loyola’s renowned Center for Cranial Base Tumors treats patients with lesions of the head, neck and base of the skull. It is an area that borders on the brain, ears, eyes, nose, throat and neck.

Neurological surgeons, otolaryngologists and other specialists each bring their unique expertise to treat these tumors, which often surround the nerves and blood vessels traveling to or from the underside of the brain.

The center has developed innovative methods for removing difficult-to-reach tumors that may otherwise have been inoperable.


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