Helping Kids Overcome Stage Fright

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Released: 30-Oct-1999 12:00 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Helping Kids Overcome Stage Fright

Performing in a school production can help children develop poise and self-confidence. But for some, the thought of standing in front of a live audience is terrifying.

ìYoung children with stage fright generally fear being separated from mom and dad,î says UAB child and family psychologist Vivian Friedman, Ph.D. ìSome hate having to stand high on a stage where they may not be able to see their parents in the audience. Older children fear doing something embarrassing or forgetting their lines.îIf a child says that he doesnít want to perform, take the time to hear him out. Find out what the child is afraid of. Then talk with the childís teacher. Ask if the child could have a smaller role, perform in a group, or be a stage hand instead of performing.

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