The Tailwind Device Accelerates Recovery After Stroke

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Released: 12-Apr-2010 3:00 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: Encore Path

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On the eve of May as National Stroke Awareness Month, a new rehabilitation device offers hope and help for stroke survivors looking to improve arm movement

Newswise — The Tailwind, a new rehabilitation device that helps stroke survivors improve arm movement, even many years after their stroke, is now available on the eve of May as National Stroke Awareness Month. The exercise device empowers stroke survivors to become more independent and enables them to achieve the tasks of daily life.

The Tailwind was developed by University of Maryland doctors specializing in physical therapy rehabilitation after a decade of scientific research. Clinical studies have shown that the device successfully helps improve arm mobility, function, and range of motion in patients with even severe paralysis.“Based on our studies, the device can promote meaningful change in patients, particularly in bilateral arm functions,” note Tailwind inventors Sandy McCombe and Jill Whitall, professors and researchers at the University of Maryland Medical School.

Designed to be portable, the Tailwind is convenient to use and easy to learn and set up. Stroke survivors can use the device independently at home or with a therapist in a rehabilitation setting. Seated at a table, the patient moves two handles along resistance-free tracks, to the rhythm of an auditory cue. Benefits can be seen from 30 minutes of use, three times per week.

The arm rehabilitation device is available through Encore Path, a Baltimore, Maryland-based technology company founded by award-winning entrepreneur Kris Appel to develop products and therapies for stroke survivors. The Tailwind is the company’s debut product. It is already in use in 20 states and on five continents.

“The patient feedback that we’re getting from stroke survivors who are using the Tailwind is amazing and heart-warming,” says Appel. “It is difficult to put into words how good it feels to manufacture a product that is making a difference in the lives of stroke survivors, even those who have suffered disability for years and thought they would never get better.”

More information about Tailwind pricing and packages is available by calling 410-800-8485. More information and a demonstration are online at


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