Montpellier, France - ALCEDIAG, one of 3 finalists for the “Disruptive Technology Award” at the annual AACC meeting 2020, will be holding a press conference to announce a game-changing technology and diagnostic tool for precision medicine in psychiatry: EDIT-BTM, the very first blood test for a high-performance differential diagnosis of unipolar depression and bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric chronic disease characterized by mood changes. It is currently diagnosed by clinical evaluations and is often confused with depression. Up to 40% of the 300 million people suffering from depression may be misdiagnosed. Currently, an accurate diagnosis takes 7 years on average. If undiagnosed and left untreated, bipolar disorder worsens and prevents patients from living their life. On one hand, there is a heavy burden on life expectancy, quality of life and overall patients’ outcomes. On the other hand, there are massive economic costs. In the US, the societal costs of one-year delay in the diagnosis are $80,000 per patient.

Therefore, EDIT-BTM, will provide the healthcare professional with a valuable (and reliable) diagnostics solution allowing patients receive timely and appropriate care.

“I'm excited that in my lifetime we will finally have a reliable diagnostic tool for bipolar disorders”, said Prof. David J. Kupfer, world renown expert of bipolar disorder, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, and member of ALCEDIAG scientific advisory board.

At the press conference, the company will discuss its breakthrough development in the field of RNA-editing based biomarkers for mental health, introducing biology in psychiatry and presenting the launch of a new blood test to that effect.

Prof. Kupfer will be moderating the press conference.

Join us on December 16th, 2020 at 11:00 am Central Time.

About Alcediag:

Alcediag is a precision diagnostics company focusing primarily on mental health. It develops and commercializes blood-based diagnostic solutions for mental health. Based on its expertise and experience, Alcediag developed a platform harnessing cutting-edge molecular biology and Artificial Intelligence to discover new biomarkers based on RNA editing. The company uses this platform for its own products and services and collaborates with other entities to discover biomarkers for other pathologies. Alcediag is a subsidiary of Alcen.

About Alcen

Headquartered in France, Alcen is an industrial group that operates in 5 fields: Defense & Security, Energy, Medical & Healthcare, Aeronautics & Space, and Large Scientific Instruments. It developed a particularly extensive in-house technological base that works closely with research centers, systematically transfers technological developments and feedback from one field to the others.

Virtual Event Link: Virtual Press Briefing Wed Dec 16