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Newswise: Digital Science relaunches Speaker Series with food for thought
Released: 18-Sep-2023 2:00 PM EDT
Digital Science relaunches Speaker Series with food for thought
Digital Science and Research Solutions Ltd

Digital Science is pleased to announce the return of its long-running Speaker Series, creating a platform for engagement between leading thinkers, their research and the scientifically curious general public.

Released: 18-Sep-2023 1:05 PM EDT
Incarceration rates, falling in every US state, drive significant shifts in risk of prison for marginalized groups
University of Wisconsin–Madison

The risk of incarceration for Black men in the United States was cut nearly in half between 1999 and 2019, according to a new study that assesses the impact of falling rates of imprisonment in each of the 50 states.

Released: 18-Sep-2023 7:45 AM EDT
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Bloomberg Assistant Professor of American Health in the Department of Mental Health Tiara Willie and Associate Professor and Associate Director of the PhD and Postdoctoral programs at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Kamila Alexander will join U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and U.S. Representative Bonnie Watson-Coleman (D-NJ) on September 20, 2023, at 6 p.m. in the Grand Hyatt, Washington, D.C., and on livestream for a discussion about policy innovations to protect the lives of Black women and girls in the U.S.

Released: 15-Sep-2023 9:00 AM EDT
Pediatric endocrinologists concerned for safety amid divisive political climate
Endocrine Society

Pediatric endocrinologists are concerned for their safety and their ability to provide evidenced-based care to transgender and gender-diverse adolescents amid political divides over gender-affirming care, according to a new paper published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society.

Released: 13-Sep-2023 2:05 PM EDT
Studies on Mobile Health Intervention Suggest Positive Impact for Black Same Gender–Loving Men
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

The mobile application, iTHRIVE 365, is the first of its kind to provide psychological health resources, connections to economic support and a safe social space created by and for Black gay, bisexual and other same gender–loving men.

Released: 12-Sep-2023 9:00 AM EDT
New research shatters outdated pay-gap myth that women don’t negotiate
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business

For decades, a cottage industry of books and workshops has promised to make women better negotiators and help close the gender pay gap. Yet not only does the pay gap persist, it tends to be larger for women who gain advanced business skills.

Released: 29-Aug-2023 2:05 PM EDT
Preparing clinicians for the international anti-LGBTQI+ crisis
Boston University School of Medicine

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and additional sexual and gender minority (LGBTQI+) people in every region of the world face marginalization and oppression.

Released: 29-Aug-2023 10:55 AM EDT
New research sheds light on how gender inequality in the media industry impacts job satisfaction
City University London

Research led by experts at City, University of London has found lower perceptions of gender equality and the prevalence of workplace sexual harassment negatively impact on job satisfaction in newsrooms across global regions.

Released: 29-Aug-2023 8:05 AM EDT
Extreme weather events linked to increased child marriage
Ohio State University

Among the negative impacts of extreme weather events around the world is one that most people may not think of: an increase in child marriages.

Newswise:Video Embedded why-schools-close-black-boys-out-of-gifted-and-talented-programs
Released: 28-Aug-2023 2:05 PM EDT
Why Schools Close Black Boys Out of Gifted and Talented Programs
American Counseling Association

Flaws in testing and racial bias among teachers and school counselors are some of the reasons many Black boys are denied advanced learning programs and misdirected into special education, according to a new report.

Newswise:Video Embedded newswise-live-event-for-august-24-mount-sinai-hosting-the-medical-team-for-the-u-s-tennis-open
Released: 25-Aug-2023 8:10 AM EDT
VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Mount Sinai Hosting the Medical Team for the U.S. Tennis Open

Doctors from Mount Sinai Hospital will discuss gender disparities and sports medicine ahead of The US Open Tennis Championships.

Newswise: image.jpg
Released: 23-Aug-2023 6:05 PM EDT
Study from School of Neuroscience urges more research into sex differences in depression
Virginia Tech

In 2016, recognizing that lack of research in female animals was hampering the success of treatments for mood disorders, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) changed its policy for basic research to include sex as a biological variable for basic research, a move that triggered an explosion of research into sex differences.

Released: 23-Aug-2023 10:05 AM EDT
American University’s Feminist Art History Conference Begins Sept. 29
American University

Gathering convenes scholars at the forefront of feminist art history to discuss new insights and contemporary relevance of artists, movements and more

Newswise:Video Embedded gender-based-research-project-provides-african-women-farmers-with-access-to-livestock-vaccines
Released: 17-Aug-2023 10:05 AM EDT
Gender-Based Research Project Provides African Women Farmers with Access to Livestock Vaccines
Tufts University

Before they had access to livestock vaccines, many women in rural parts of Africa who manage livestock had to resort to traditional medicines when their animals got sick, or suffer loss of their animals.

Released: 10-Aug-2023 11:05 AM EDT
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Newswise: High levels of satisfaction and low levels of regret after gender-affirming mastectomy
8-Aug-2023 2:00 PM EDT
High levels of satisfaction and low levels of regret after gender-affirming mastectomy
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

A new study seeks to determine long-term satisfaction and regret following gender-affirming mastectomy.

Released: 7-Aug-2023 5:20 PM EDT
Using social media to raise awareness of women’s resources
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Covid-19 pandemic created a global increase in domestic violence against women. Now, an MIT-led experiment designed with that fact in mind shows that some forms of social media can increase awareness among women about where to find resources and support for addressing domestic violence.

Released: 4-Aug-2023 12:55 PM EDT
Researchers prefer same-gender co-authors, study confirms
Cornell University

Researchers are more likely to pen scientific papers with co-authors of the same gender, a pattern that cannot be simply explained by the varying gender representation across scientific disciplines and time, according to joint research from Cornell University and the University of Washington.

Released: 3-Aug-2023 11:20 AM EDT
It’s 2023, and coming out is, well, complicated
University of British Columbia

In an era of unprecedented LGBTQ2+ visibility coupled with incredible backlash, coming out as a sexual minority can be a deeply ambivalent experience, according to new research.

Released: 31-Jul-2023 3:50 PM EDT
Women and men react differently to strain and stress
University of Würzburg

Does anyone still remember the initial phase of the Corona pandemic in 2020? When shops, restaurants, cinemas, and theatres remained closed.

Released: 31-Jul-2023 11:20 AM EDT
Has Academia Become More Gender-Fair for Women? Findings From an Adversarial Analysis of Gender Bias 
Association for Psychological Science

Data from 2000 to 2020 indicate that women researchers are now equally likely as their male peers to be awarded grant funding, to have their journal articles accepted for publication, and to receive strong letters of recommendation. They are more likely than men to be hired for tenure-track positions. But the findings have caveats.

Released: 27-Jul-2023 2:35 PM EDT
Susan G. Komen® Awards New Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Grant
Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organization, announced the fourth MBC-focused research grant supported through the Komen Metastatic Breast Cancer Collaborative Research Initiative (MBCCRI), a collaboration between Komen, Duke Cancer Institute and the University of North Carolina Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, which pairs researchers from each of the organizations to work together and address significant gaps in our knowledge about MBC to advance patient care and improve patient outcomes.

Released: 26-Jul-2023 5:05 PM EDT
Mapping the changing landscape of gender-affirming care for teens
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

Many families whose transgender children need gender-affirming care will need to drive much further than before because of laws and other actions passed since 2021 in 20 states, a new study shows. Half will need to drive an hour or more; 25% four hours each way.

Released: 25-Jul-2023 1:15 PM EDT
Bisexual people experience worse health outcomes than other adults in England – national study of more than 835,000 people
Taylor & Francis

Self-reported data from lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) patients shows these groups have poorer health outcomes compared to those who identify as heterosexual, but bisexual people disproportionally experience the worst outcomes in England.

Released: 25-Jul-2023 11:35 AM EDT
Older adults who identify as sexual and gender minorities experience disproportionate age-related decline
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Using an index to describe and compare frailty between older sexual and gender minority (OSGM) adults and non-OSGM participants, researchers showed that OSGM had higher rates of frailty, starting at younger ages and continuing into older age, compared to non-OSGM.

Newswise: Researcher works to improve diagnosis speed for rare conditions like the one her child was ‘lucky’ to survive
Released: 25-Jul-2023 9:35 AM EDT
Researcher works to improve diagnosis speed for rare conditions like the one her child was ‘lucky’ to survive
West Virginia University

The study of delays in diagnoses of rare diseases from Katie Corcoran, a sociologist in the West Virginia University Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, will evaluate the impact of patients’ race and gender and whether physicians share large numbers of patients.

Newswise: image.jpg
Released: 21-Jul-2023 10:20 AM EDT
U.S. has leg up in growth of women's soccer
Virginia Tech

Patrick Ridge couldn’t help but fall in love with the game of soccer. He played the sport growing up, and he remained hooked by the game’s excitement when he attended matches and World Cup watch parties in Latin America and Spain while studying, teaching, and researching. “I saw the fervor,” said Ridge, now an associate professor of Spanish at Virginia Tech who studies soccer for a living.

Released: 20-Jul-2023 12:30 PM EDT
Tell us how you really feel -- keep up with the latest research in Psychology and Psychiatry

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Newswise: Kinesiology Expert Studies 2023 World Cup’s Impact on Women’s Participation in Sports
Released: 20-Jul-2023 11:20 AM EDT
Kinesiology Expert Studies 2023 World Cup’s Impact on Women’s Participation in Sports
California State University, Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton assistant professor of kinesiology and World Cup expert, Julie Brice, is in New Zealand to witness the historic tournament starting on July 20 and expand on her research that examines how the World Cup impacts women and young girls’ participation in athletics.

Released: 19-Jul-2023 5:30 PM EDT
Gender disparities in Lyme disease: Women face higher risk of severe and prolonged illness
Taylor & Francis

Women with Lyme disease take longer to get diagnosed, have more severe symptoms and experience higher rates of disability when compared to men.

Released: 18-Jul-2023 10:55 AM EDT
Men 'less satisfied with life' when their female partner is the only earner – new study
University of Bath

Men report lower wellbeing when women are the sole earner in a relationship, versus where both partners are employed or the man is the main breadwinner, according to a revealing new study.

Newswise: Daughters breastfed longer, and women accumulated greater wealth in ancient California matriarchal society
Released: 12-Jul-2023 4:05 PM EDT
Daughters breastfed longer, and women accumulated greater wealth in ancient California matriarchal society
University of Utah

Women buried at the ancestral Ohlone site of Kalawwasa Rummeytak in the San Francisco Bay Area in California were breastfed longer and accumulated greater wealth than the men. Isotopic analysis indicates that after marriage, men lived with their wives’ families and women tended to remain in their birth community. This study is the first of its kind to uncover wealth-driven patterns in maternal investment among ancient populations.

Released: 6-Jul-2023 10:30 AM EDT
Interpersonal and Structural Stigma Toward Sexual Minority Youth Create Mental Health Challenges, Increased Suicide Risk
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Researchers found that lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) youth experienced more interpersonal discrimination based on others perceiving them as lesbian, gay, or bisexual and were four times more likely to attempt suicide. Additionally, LGB youth living in areas of the country with more structural stigma experienced a larger mental health burden than their peers. These findings stress the urgency for addressing interpersonal discrimination and structural stigma toward LGB youth.

Newswise: Binghamton University’s Kaschak Institute to host conference on gender equality and climate change
Released: 6-Jul-2023 9:55 AM EDT
Binghamton University’s Kaschak Institute to host conference on gender equality and climate change
Binghamton University, State University of New York

Binghamton University’s Ellyn Uram Kaschak Institute for Social Justice for Women and Girls, in alliance with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), will host a three-day conference July 10-12.


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Released: 30-Jun-2023 2:05 PM EDT
Find the latest expert commentary on the recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions here

Newswise offers a roundup of the latest expert commentary on the recent decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Released: 29-Jun-2023 5:05 PM EDT
Is a foreign-sounding name a disadvantage?
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Sports are a way in for people who want to build contacts with other people. Sports give you an opportunity to integrate and interact with people on an equal footing. For immigrants, sports can be the key that allows them to fit into a society.

Released: 28-Jun-2023 12:15 PM EDT
AACC and National Kidney Foundation Release Guidance to Combat Racial and Gender Inequalities in Chronic Kidney Disease Care
Association for Diagnostic and Laboratory Medicine (ADLM (formerly AACC))

Today, AACC—in collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF)—released guidance to reduce racial and gender disparities in the care of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The document gives members of the healthcare team actionable, evidence-based tools to improve equity in kidney health, including recommendations for using an updated algorithm that does not disproportionately affect any one group of individuals.

Released: 27-Jun-2023 6:00 PM EDT
Study unpacks how medical systems harm the intersex community
Boston University School of Medicine

Intersex people’s (people whose sex characteristics do not fit within the strict binary categorizations of male or female) healthcare has received a lot of media attention recently, particularly with the uptick in anti-transgender legislation, which often also targets this community.

Newswise: “The Tribe Has Spoken”: Race and Gender Bias Influence Voting Outcomes in Reality TV Show 
Released: 27-Jun-2023 3:05 PM EDT
“The Tribe Has Spoken”: Race and Gender Bias Influence Voting Outcomes in Reality TV Show 
Association for Psychological Science

Zero-sum situations in which one person’s loss is another’s gain are known to bring out people’s worst tendencies—and the reality television show Survivor is no exception

Released: 23-Jun-2023 2:05 PM EDT
When Majority Men Respect Minority Women, Groups Communicate Better: A Neurological Exploration
University of Delaware

Groups must leverage their members’ diverse knowledge to make optimal decisions. However, the gender composition of a group may affect this ability, particularly because solo status female members (one female grouped with males) are generally allocated lower status than their male counterparts, so their knowledge is more likely to be ignored.

Released: 22-Jun-2023 11:35 AM EDT
Cancer and the LGBTQ+ community: Mayo Clinic expert addresses key topics
Mayo Clinic

Jewel Kling, M.D., assistant director of the Women's Health Clinic at Mayo Clinic in Arizona, explains that stigma and discrimination create barriers to healthcare, placing the LGBTQ+ community at heightened risk for certain forms of cancer due to delayed cancer screenings as well as challenges with survivorship care.

Newswise: B%2520Aksoy%2520Photo.jpg
Released: 19-Jun-2023 11:05 AM EDT
Women's Strategic Concealment of LGBTQ+ Affinity
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

At a time when LGBTQ+ rights are increasingly the subject of public discussion, it is important to consider the effect on those who share an affinity with that community. Rensselaer researchers Billur Aksoy and Ian Chadd have conducted an experiment to determine whether individuals strategically mask signals about their affinity with the LGBTQ+ community in response to anticipated discrimination.

8-Jun-2023 9:50 AM EDT
Prompt testosterone treatment improves mental health of transgender, gender-diverse people
Endocrine Society

Receiving rapid access to testosterone therapy reduced feelings of gender dysphoria and led to a clinically significant reduction in depression as well as a 50% reduction in suicidality among transgender and gender diverse adults, according to research being presented Sunday at ENDO 2023, the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting in Chicago.