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Released: 17-Nov-2022 7:05 AM EST
Cannabis users had worse bypass outcomes, increased amputation and opioid use
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

The use of cannabis may have a negative impact on outcomes for a common bypass surgery, a study suggests. Patients who used cannabis prior to lower extremity bypass had decreased patency, meaning the graft had a higher chance of becoming blocked or occluded, higher rate of amputation and opioid use after discharge.

Released: 9-Nov-2022 3:15 PM EST
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Released: 3-Nov-2022 11:00 AM EDT
Half of Dentists Say Patients Are High at Dental Appointments
American Dental Association (ADA)

As personal and medical marijuana use increases nationwide, the American Dental Association (ADA) suggests patients refrain from using marijuana before dental visits after a new survey finds more than half of dentists (52%) reported patients arriving for appointments high on marijuana or another drug.

Released: 25-Oct-2022 2:10 PM EDT
The latest news in Opioids, Drug Abuse, and Addiction

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11-Oct-2022 12:00 PM EDT
Cannabis use increases pain after surgery, study shows
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

Adults who use cannabis have more pain after surgery than those who don’t use cannabis, according to a study presented at the ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2022 annual meeting.

Released: 21-Oct-2022 6:15 PM EDT
Both Types of THC Get You High–So Why Is Only One Illegal?
University of Connecticut

One is an illegal drug found in marijuana while the other is marketed as a safe herbal alternative.

Newswise:Video Embedded marijuana-dependent-patients-at-higher-risk-for-infection-after-knee-or-shoulder-arthroscopy-procedures
Released: 16-Oct-2022 12:00 PM EDT
Marijuana-dependent patients at higher risk for infection after knee or shoulder arthroscopy procedures
American College of Surgeons (ACS)

Patients who are dependent on marijuana may face higher infection rates following knee and shoulder arthroscopy.

Released: 12-Oct-2022 3:30 PM EDT
Medicinal cannabis study into easing symptoms of children in palliative care
Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

A Murdoch Children’s Research Institute pilot study will explore the use of medicinal cannabis to reduce symptoms in children and adolescents who are undergoing palliative care for non-cancerous conditions.

Released: 30-Sep-2022 12:45 PM EDT
A New Urine Test Could Help Curtail the Use of the Latest Synthetic Cannabinoids to Enter the Drug Scene
American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

A first-of-its-kind study published today in AACC’s Clinical Chemistry journal shows that a novel drug test detects a new class of synthetic cannabinoids called OXIZIDs. This test could enable drug enforcement agencies to identify OXIZID users and could play a critical role in efforts to stop the spread of these drugs.

Released: 21-Sep-2022 2:40 PM EDT
American adolescent substance abuse has declined — with the exception of cannabis and vaping
Taylor & Francis

Substance abuse among American adolescents is diminishing, except for an uptake in cannabis and vaping use – new findings published today in the peer-reviewed journal Substance Use and Misuse, show.

Released: 21-Sep-2022 12:15 PM EDT
Register for ANESTHESIOLOGY 2022, Get Latest Research in Specialty and Pain Management
American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA)

New discoveries in anesthesiology and pain management are being made every day, and ANESTHESIOLOGY® 2022 (Oct. 21-25) is the best place to be in-the-know about these important findings.

16-Sep-2022 1:05 PM EDT
Teen Alcohol Use Decreasing, But More Slowly among Girls
Research Society on Alcoholism

Teen use of alcohol and alcohol in combination with cannabis is decreasing, but use by girls is decreasing more slowly than it is for boys, according to a study published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research. And, rates of cannabis use among teens who didn’t use alcohol, which more than doubled in the last decade, are increasing more rapidly in female students than in their male counterparts. Despite the declines in alcohol use, teen alcohol use remains high, and far more prevalent than cannabis use. The simultaneous use of cannabis and alcohol amplifies the health risks for teens, including risk of intoxication, injury, impairment and other short- and long-term consequences for adolescents. As one in five students reports simultaneously using both substances, continued public health efforts to reduce teen alcohol and cannabis use, as well as interventions specifically aimed at female students, are important.

Released: 12-Sep-2022 4:05 PM EDT
Problems Persist for Kids Exposed to Cannabis in the Womb
Washington University in St. Louis

Research finds kids with prenatal exposure to cannabis show more signs of psychopathology as they approach adolescence

Released: 8-Sep-2022 11:10 AM EDT
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Released: 25-Aug-2022 11:50 AM EDT
Legalizing recreational cannabis in the U.S. has increased frequency of use by 20%
Society for the Study of Addiction

A new study published in the scientific journal Addiction has found that the legalization of recreational cannabis in U.S. states appears to have caused a 20% average increase in cannabis use frequency in those states.

Released: 23-Aug-2022 1:30 PM EDT
People Who Use Therapeutic Cannabis Are More Likely to Use Nicotine, Too
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

People who use therapeutic cannabis are more likely to also use nicotine products than the general population, according to a Rutgers study.

Released: 22-Aug-2022 10:35 AM EDT
Cannabis prescribed for pain linked with small risk of heart problems
European Society of Cardiology

Cannabis prescribed for chronic pain is associated with an elevated risk of heart rhythm disorders, according to research presented at ESC Congress 2022.

Released: 9-Aug-2022 2:45 PM EDT
Legalized Cannabis Linked to Fewer Synthetic Cannabinoid Poisonings
Washington State University

Synthetic cannabinoids, dangerous designer drugs known by such street names as K2, Spice or AK-47, appear to have less appeal in states that have legalized the natural form of cannabis.

Released: 3-Aug-2022 3:45 PM EDT
Cannabidiol effective for young people with treatment-resistant anxiety – pilot study

Cannabidiol may be effective in halving the severity of symptoms and impairment caused by chronic anxiety, a pilot study by Orygen, Australia’s centre of excellence in youth mental health, has shown.

Released: 2-Aug-2022 3:45 PM EDT
Researchers ID the high-efficiency hacks cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids
University of British Columbia

For the first time, plant biologists have defined the high-efficiency “hacks” that cannabis cells use to make cannabinoids (THC/CBD).

Released: 26-Jul-2022 3:45 PM EDT
High-strength cannabis linked to addiction and mental health problems
University of Bath

As the strength or potency of cannabis products has increased internationally over the years, so have rates of people being treated for cannabis addiction, say the authors of a new study.

20-Jul-2022 12:00 PM EDT
Existing Drug Tests Can Detect Delta-8-THC—The Latest Cannabis Craze
American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC)

As the cannabis derivative delta-8-THC grows in popularity, it’s important for drug tests to be able to detect and differentiate it from delta-9-THC—the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Breaking research showcased at the 2022 AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo demonstrates that common drug testing methods can do just that.

Newswise: Study Shows Widespread Mislabeling of CBD Content Occurs for Over-the-Counter Products
Released: 20-Jul-2022 11:15 AM EDT
Study Shows Widespread Mislabeling of CBD Content Occurs for Over-the-Counter Products
Johns Hopkins Medicine

In a new study, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers tested more than 100 topical cannabidiol (CBD) products available online and at retail stores, and found significant evidence of inaccurate and misleading labeling of CBD content.

Released: 15-Jul-2022 4:25 PM EDT
Clemson University and Curio Wellness partner to advance research on cannabis tissue culture
Clemson University

The study aims to increase production efficiency and protect cannabis strains from plant diseases. The two-year research project will advance plant tissue science for the medical cannabis industry.

Newswise: Building a Better Painkiller
Released: 15-Jul-2022 11:05 AM EDT
Building a Better Painkiller
Harvard Medical School

On a quest to develop more effective pain medicines, scientists are studying how CBD inhibits pain-sensing neurons

Released: 13-Jul-2022 9:55 AM EDT
Regular Cannabis Use Impairs Performance in Female Athletes
Wolters Kluwer Health: Lippincott

Younger women who use cannabis regularly, even when healthy and physically active, aren’t able to produce as much anaerobic power as nonusers, and they show signs of greater risk of cardiovascular disease, according to a study in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, a publication of The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). The journal is published in the Lippincott portfolio by Wolters Kluwer.

Newswise: Neuroscientists to Study Effects of Marijuana Use During Adolescence with $2M NIH Grant
Released: 5-Jul-2022 12:10 PM EDT
Neuroscientists to Study Effects of Marijuana Use During Adolescence with $2M NIH Grant
Indiana University

Over $2 million from the NIH's National Institute on Drug Abuse will help neuroscientists in the IU Gill Center for Biomolecular Science research the impact of cannabis use during adolescence.

Released: 1-Jul-2022 10:05 AM EDT
Study of Pre-Teens Yields Surprises About Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana
Michigan Medicine - University of Michigan

They may only be in 4th or 5th grade, but 1 in 10 pre-teen children already say they’re curious about using alcohol or tobacco products, and 1 in 50 say they’re curious about using marijuana, a new study shows. As many as 3% of the nearly 12,000 9- and 10-year-olds surveyed say they already have a friend who uses one of these substances. And those who said they did were also much more likely to be curious about trying alcohol or tobacco and other nicotine-containing products themselves.

20-Jun-2022 9:00 AM EDT
Legalizing Recreational Marijuana for Adults Increases Local Accessibility for High School Students
Research Society on Alcoholism

As of March 2022, 18 states and the District of Columbia allow recreational use of marijuana among adults 21 years and older, and recreational marijuana sales is legal in 14 of these states.

Newswise: Clemson University / Curio Wellness partner to advance research on cannabis tissue culture
Released: 24-Jun-2022 10:05 PM EDT
Clemson University / Curio Wellness partner to advance research on cannabis tissue culture
Clemson University

The Clemson University College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences is working with Curio Wellness to conduct a two-year research project to advance plant tissue science for the medical cannabis industry.

Newswise: Chula Researchers Find Extensive amounts of THC in Cannabis-Flavored Drinks The Public Is Cautioned and the Government Urged to Impose Stricter Control
Released: 24-Jun-2022 8:55 AM EDT
Chula Researchers Find Extensive amounts of THC in Cannabis-Flavored Drinks The Public Is Cautioned and the Government Urged to Impose Stricter Control
Chulalongkorn University

Research work of a biochemistry expert at Chulalongkorn University finds that over 30% of cannabis-flavored drinks randomly tested contain higher THC levels than what is permitted. The public is warned to keep their consumption to moderate levels and that children should refrain from drinking this beverage. The government should control its consumption and warn the people of the benefit and harm of cannabis.

Released: 14-Jun-2022 5:05 PM EDT
Substances Other Than Alcohol, Like Cannabis, Can Impair Driving
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Rutgers poison control experts discuss legal substances beyond alcohol that can impair driving

Released: 14-Jun-2022 3:15 PM EDT
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7-Jun-2022 4:05 PM EDT
Medical Cannabis Programs See Four-Fold Enrollment Increase Between 2016 and 2020
American College of Physicians (ACP)

An observational study has found that the number of patients enrolled in medical cannabis programs has increased four-fold between 2016 and 2020. The trend has been driven by a combination of new medical cannabis laws in 35 states, expanded qualifying conditions, and increased enrollment nationally. The findings are published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Released: 3-Jun-2022 10:50 AM EDT
Cannabis Users Can Misperceive How Well Their Romantic Relationships Are Functioning
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Cannabis users appear to be less aware of unhealthy relationship dynamics they may use with their partners when discussing a conflict, according to a Rutgers study

26-May-2022 9:00 AM EDT
Very high doses of CBD, a cannabis component, don’t affect driving
University of Sydney

Millions of consumers and patients around the world will be heartened by the results of the latest study on cannabis and driving. The University of Sydney-led research finds that 1500mg, the highest daily medicinal dose of cannabidiol (CBD), has no impact on people’s driving or cognitive abilities.

23-May-2022 12:45 PM EDT
More Young People Begin Recreational Cannabis Use Illegally in States that Legalize It
University of California San Diego

Once a state legalizes recreational cannabis and increase in youth using it illegally occurs, report researchers at University of California San Diego Herbert Wertheim School of Public Health and Human Longevity Science.

Released: 20-May-2022 3:25 PM EDT
Medicinal cannabis shown to reduce pain and need for opiate painkillers among cancer patients

A comprehensive assessment of the benefits of medical cannabis for cancer-related pain found that for most oncology patients, pain measures improved significantly, other cancer-related symptoms also decreased, the consumption of painkillers was reduced, and the side effects were minimal.

Released: 17-May-2022 1:45 PM EDT
Stress could make us more likable, and other Behavioral Science news tips

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13-May-2022 5:00 AM EDT
Sleep Disruption Predicts Drinking and Cannabis use in Young People, with Middle and High School Students Potentially Most Vulnerable
Research Society on Alcoholism

A five-year study has highlighted the importance of healthy sleep patterns in relation to future binge-drinking and cannabis use in adolescence and young adulthood, as reported in Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. The work builds on growing evidence that sleep characteristics are predictive of future substance use and related problems in young people, and could inform strategies for substance use prevention and intervention. Most previous studies assessed only a small range of sleep characteristics, and had limited follow-up. In the new analysis, researchers used six annual assessments from the National Consortium on Alcohol and Neurodevelopment in Adolescence (NCANDA) study to examine whether multiple sleep characteristics in any year predict alcohol and cannabis use the following year. Data from over eight hundred NCANDA study participants, aged 12 to 21 at baseline, were included.

Released: 3-May-2022 3:00 PM EDT
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Released: 27-Apr-2022 11:05 AM EDT
More and More Young Children Are Accidentally Ingesting Cannabis Edibles
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

For the fourth year in a row the NJ Poison Control Center has seen an increase in calls concerning children who accidentally consumed cannabis (marijuana, THC) edibles. Last year (2021), the NJ Poison Control Center assisted in the medical treatment of more than 150 children who were accidentally exposed to cannabis edibles — nearly 100 children 5-years-old and younger; more than 55 children between the ages of 6 and 12.

Released: 18-Apr-2022 12:15 PM EDT
Recreational marijuana access reduces demand for prescription drugs
Cornell University

Legalization of recreational marijuana reduces demand for costly prescription drugs through state Medicaid programs, according to an analysis by a Cornell researcher and a collaborator.

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