The project is part of a broader framework of the redevelopment of the area: the structure will be 100% green with a mosaic of photovoltaic panels and a fleet of electric vehicles

The Polo Tecnologico Piemontese opens in Candiolo (Turin)

It will be inaugurated in autumn, it will be an incubator for innovative companies, a center that will host cutting-edge technological companies and research institutes and which sees the HBW Group as the leader of the group.

Public events dedicated to health and prevention are also planned.

Newswise — Turin, 13 July - The Polo Tecnologico Piemontese (PTP) is born in Candiolo (Turin), a hub of innovative companies that will host avant-garde technological companies and research institutes dedicated to medicine and which sees the HBW Group * as the leader. Since 2013 a leading company in the field of medical biotechnologies and tissue regeneration. The new hub, highly focused on the topics of innovation, tech and eco-sustainability, will open its doors in autumn 2021, thanks to an investment of approximately 2 million euros, part of which thanks to the support of Finpiemonte with the Regional Call for Investment Attraction of the Regional Department for production activities and the collaboration of the Town of Candiolo.

An impressive area (over three thousand square meters available), which is a candidate to revolutionize the way of doing business and producing excellent technologies in the area. The Polo will therefore become the new home of the HBW Group, leader of the project, which will continue medical and biotechnological research and the study of regenerative technology and will host about a dozen companies. 

Today there are over 40 countries around the world that use the technology and the device produced by HBW in many clinical areas including: dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedics and dentistry.

Alongside HBW there will be other companies that, in addition to developing their technologies, will interact with each other for advanced research on medical biotechnologies. The PTP - as it will be called with an abbreviation - will be able to host large companies (national and international) engaged in innovation in the medical field, but also institutions and research institutes. The following have joined the project: Yousciencebc, a company chaired by Carlo Saverio Iorio that operates in the field of technology scouting for space applications (Together with the HBW group, the diagnostic and therapeutic technologies most suitable for microgravity conditions in the field of wound healing, a field of investigation that can also provide enabling technologies on Earth); ILA, ILA legal consulting company specializing in international affairs and close to the scientific medical research sector and Sbarro Health Research Organization, a leader in the field of oncologic research and rare diseases chaired by prof. Antonio Giordano member of the scientific committee of the ISS in Italy. “We are very happy and honored by the partnership with the Polo Tecnologico Piemontese- explained Giordano - which will bring further lymph to the scientific and technological relations between Italy and the USA”.

The project, in addition to the professional part dedicated to industries (B2B), is part of a broader framework with a role on the territory and dedicated to the redevelopment of the area, thanks to the transition to a high-value industry, to the value of its architecture and the eco-sustainable soul that will distinguish it. The structure will be 100% green thanks to a mosaic of photovoltaic panels. Furthermore, a fleet of electric vehicles will move all around. The center will also have the role of "health communication" with public events about prevention and innovation. For the consumer, in addition to outlets for health products, there will be a clinical center for regenerative medicine. The president of the Polo Tecnologico Piemontese, Dr. Antonio Graziano, CEO and Co-founder of the Rigenera HBW Group and president of the Italian Export Forum in the Piedmont Region, leads the initiative together with the other two partners of the HBW Group, Dr. Riccardo d’Aquino and Alberto Sicurella. HBW will translate its production lines here, continuing to fuel the success achieved in the field of tissue regeneration and beyond.

“Our objective - explain the HBW partners - is to continue innovating in the world of advanced medical devices and personal protective equipment. This second aspect has been accentuated by the recent pandemic, which has highlighted how in Italy there is still a lack of organizational and production skills, even for the simplest devices. The PTP - they add - will also be a place capable of bringing together two related worlds such as those of Space and healthcare, both characterized by the tension towards high innovation and competitiveness. All with a distinctly green identity, to regenerate a territory that has been battered in recent years. Ultimately - the founders conclude - the PTP will be a real open space that opens up to synergies with other major interlocutors: a sort of Eataly of Biotech and Medical Devices ".

“Today we can say that we are proud and enthusiastic - declares the President Antonio Graziano - because this great project is seeing the light. Ours has always been a Science Driven Company: the impetus for high-caliber research will direct our actions also for the new PTP. This revolutionary laboratory of excellence will provide a service of considerable importance to the entire regional territory, from a medical point of view; at the same time it will stretch its gaze outwards, I am thinking of the entire Space sector, becoming a safe topic for the large multinationals that lead this fascinating field ".

* HBW Group

The HBW Group, born in 2013 after a decade of research in the field of biotechnologies, has been able to establish itself over time thanks to the revolutionary micrografting technology of which it is a manufacturer. Today there are over 40 countries around the world that use the method and the device produced by HBW in numerous clinical areas including: dermatology, plastic surgery, orthopedics, and dentistry.



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