Newswise — Washington D.C. – The Institute for the Advancement of Food and Nutrition Sciences (IAFNS) has a free online portal for members of the public to submit ideas on science projects related to nutrition and food safety.

The open online Idea Portal receives submissions of ideas that can benefit public health in an effort to leverage the “hive mind” of creativity and insight of food and nutrition stakeholders. This might include addressing a research gap, refining tools or measurement methods, or exploring new food safety strategies.

As a science-focused nonprofit, IAFNS will collaborate with applicants on promising proposals to evaluate potential impact and lend support to activation. Some outcomes may include a conference presentation, workshop or a publication to showcase the project.

Explore the link to the Idea Portal here:

Five details to know about the IAFNS Idea Portal are

One, anyone from the public or private sector can submit a project proposal. You do not need to have a current or prior affiliation with IAFNS. 

Two, this open call for proposals is not a grant program. No direct financial awards to external parties are guaranteed. 

Three, project proposals will be reviewed quarterly by IAFNS’ Scientific Leadership Council, which is comprised of academic advisors, government liaisons and at-large representatives of supporting organizations. 

Four, there is no deadline for submitting ideas. We review ideas on a quarterly basis, and you can submit your project proposal at any time. 

Five, project proposals that come with existing resources or funding will be given special consideration. However, you do not need to have dedicated or confirmed funding in order to submit your project proposal through the online Idea Portal. 

If you plan to submit your project proposal on the Idea Portal, make sure that your idea:

  • Is related to food or nutritional sciences
  • Aligns with IAFNS core values of scientific integrity, transparency, collaboration, public benefit
  • Focuses on applied science with current public health significance
  • Generates actionable deliverables with practical and scientific impact
  • Does not include proprietary or brand-specific issues
  • Does not include advocacy or lobbying components
  • And is not duplicative of submissions made to other organizations and groups.

IAFNS is committed to leading positive change across the entire food and beverage ecosystem by elevating food safety and nutritional sciences. The open, free, online Idea Portal is one way you can be part of this change, contributing your voice to actionable research that benefits public health. The portal was launched by IAFNS, a 501(c)(3) science-focused nonprofit uniquely positioned to mobilize industry, government and academia to drive, fund and lead actionable research.

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