Newswise — During these difficult times, the Society of Toxicology’s official journal, Toxicological Sciences, remains a source for leading research in toxicology, The May edition of the journal, Volume 175, Issue 1 is rife with special features and is now available online.

The issue opens with an editorial entitled “Commending Exceptional Society of Toxicology Leadership during Extraordinary Times,” authored by Society of Toxicology (SOT) Past Presidents John C. Cook, Leigh Ann Burns Naas, and Patricia E. Ganey on behalf of the SOT Past Presidents. This piece recognizes the SOT leadership, Committee leaders, and Component Groups leaders for their outstanding volunteer efforts within the Society this year, as well as honoring outgoing SOT President Ronald N. Hines for his leadership throughout the year and particularly during the recent global health crisis as he guided SOT in making the decision to cancel the in-person SOT Annual Meeting and ToxExpo. “By working together, our Society will continue to thrive and evolve, despite these unprecedented circumstances,” the authors say.

Outstanding research in this month’s issue takes form in the two Tox Spotlight articles:

In addition to these articles, Volume 175, Issue 1, includes two Contemporary Reviews, “which provide expert analysis of important and emerging areas in the field of toxicology.” This month’s Contemporary Reviews offer the following research: “Determining the Biological Mechanisms of Action for Environmental Exposures: Applying CRISPR/Cas9 to Toxicological Assessments” and “Reducing the Toxicity of Radiotherapy for Pancreatic Cancer with Magnetic Resonance-Guided Radiotherapy.”

Two letters to the editor also are published in the May 2020 issue of ToxSci, addressing “Consideration of Styrene Transcriptomic Data Informs Mouse Lung Cyp2F2-Mediated Adverse Outcome Pathway” and “Response to Consideration of Styrene Transcriptomic Data Informs Mouse Lung Cyp2F2-Mediated Adverse Outcome Pathway.” 

In addition to these highlights, Volume 175, Issue 1, includes research in the areas of organ-specific toxicology, carcinogenesis, immunotoxicology, and more.

The mission of Toxicological Sciences is to publish a broad spectrum of impactful research in the field of toxicology.

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