Journalists Get the Scoop on Breaking News Commentary with Newswise Expert Pitch

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Released: 17-Sep-2012 9:00 AM EDT

Source Newsroom: Newswise

  • Credit: Newswise @Expert_Pitch Twitter Feed

    Newswise journalist subscribers and participating source institutions can follow @Expert_Pitch to monitor breaking news and see Expert Pitches available for the media

Newswise — The recently launched Expert Pitch service from Newswise allows journalists to access sources to comment on breaking news events through an online portal, an email newsletter provided by Newswise, and the @Expert_Pitch Twitter feed. With multiple experts posted rapidly each day in response to breaking news, Newswise journalist subscribers have the advantage of seeing quality sources from the top organizations around the world, all in one place.

Speed and EaseWhen breaking news happens, journalists need experts fast. Newswise Expert Pitch helps to connect journalists with those experts with speed and ease for all participants in the developing story. Institutions with experts are able to respond quickly and easily, without writing a full news release. Journalists are then able to access experts within minutes, through instant updates on the Newswise site, as well as the rapid delivery via social media. Expert Pitch includes a new section in the Newswise wire emails, RSS feeds, and Breaking News Channels.

This new system allows journalists to reach into a deeper pool of credible experts while covering a breaking news event.

“When there is a breaking news story, many reporters and news outlets need national-caliber experts in a variety of topics related to the event,” comments Roger Johnson, Newswise founder, explaining the inherent demand for the service Expert Pitch provides. He also emphasizes the commitment Newswise has to incorporating the latest technology with each new innovation, “as the use of social media helps to create a more collaborative, democratic, and community-oriented method for journalists and experts to connect.”

Collaborative EffortUsing Twitter as more than just a broadcast tool to connect journalists and experts, Newswise also plans to use the @Expert_Pitch Twitter feed as an opportunity for discussion and collaboration. Journalists, for example, can send a direct message to @Expert_Pitch or an email to requesting an expert. Newswise will pass this request on to encourage Expert Pitch submissions by Newswise member institutions. Newswise will also monitor major media outlet Twitter feeds and re-tweet announcements of breaking news events. We encourage journalists and Newswise members to follow @Expert_Pitch to participate in the discussion and monitor breaking news.

About Expert PitchExpert Pitch is a new media relations tool available through Newswise beginning Wednesday, June 20. Newswise clients can click the menu option for “Contribute an Expert Pitch” to rapidly upload an expert in response to a breaking news event. Subscribing journalists will receive the Expert Pitch via the Newswise wires, the online Expert Pitch section, and by following the @Expert_Pitch Twitter feed. Journalists can contact with any questions. Newswise members can contact with any questions.

About NewswiseNewswise was the first online news service for journalists, founded by Roger Johnson in 1992 to serve the news distribution needs for hundreds of contributing organizations releasing the latest research news in medicine, science, life style and business. Daily news wires reach thousands of subscribing journalists representing major media outlets. Thousands of public relations professionals and other interested public users also subscribe. The website maintains a permanent database of more than 100,000 news releases and is accessed monthly by over 200,000 interested users, most knowledge workers.


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