University of Washington Experts on the Crisis in Haiti

Article ID: 560414

Released: 17-Jan-2010 9:00 PM EST

Source Newsroom: University of Washington

Steven Kramer
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: geotechnical engineering, earthquake engineering, soil
liquefaction, landslides, foundations.

Randall Kyes
Research Associate Professor, Psychology,
Head of Division of International Programs

Expertise: Member of a National Disaster Management Advance Team that provided rescue and medical support after 2004 South Asian earthquake and tsunami, mental health of survivors.
Stephen Majeski
Professor, Political Science

Expertise: American foreign policy including Haiti.

Beth Rivin
Director, Global Health and Justice Project
Research Associate Professor, Law, and
Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Global Health
and Bioethics and Humanities

John Stanton
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Expertise: structural engineering, earthquake engineering.

Richard Watts
Associate Professor, French

Expertise: French Caribbean and Haiti.

The following faculty can talk about earthquake forecasting and monitoring in general, and specifically the seismic characteristics of the Caribbean region, including Haiti, and how they compare with characteristics of other regions.

Kenneth Creager
Professor, Earth and space sciences

Heidi Houston
Earth and space sciences

John Vidale
Professor, Earth and space sciences
Director, Pacific Northwest Seismic Network


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