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In the Middle of Winter Storm Vulcan, Spring Has Sprung. Experts Can Discuss the Start of Spring Allergy Season & Anticipated Severity

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As winter storm Vulcan dumps several inches of snow on many regions, it may be hard to believe spring has already sprung in some areas. And with spring comes sneezing and wheezing from some of the 50 million Americans with allergies.

Even in Atlanta, where unusually cold temperatures, snow and ice were experienced just a few weeks ago, more than just spring is in the air.

“Pollen counts have already been unseasonably high in Atlanta,” said allergist Stanley Fineman, MD, past president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). “In fact, in recent days we have recorded the highest counts for March over the last five years. Patients are noticing increased symptoms earlier this year.”

The longer days the nation has been having, also effects pollen.

“Longer days can produce more pollen,” said allergist James Sublett, MD, ACAAI president-elect. “As long as temperatures are above freezing for a few days, pollen begins circulating.”

Both Dr. Fineman and Dr. Sublett are available to comment about the start of the spring allergy season. They can also discuss what factors will predict the severity of this season.

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