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Eating O' the Green for St. Paddy

Released: 12-Mar-2014 4:55 PM EDT
Source Newsroom: University Hospitals Case Medical Center
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CLEVELAND – St. Patrick's Day has long been the day for the "Wearin' O' the Green" but Lisa Cimperman, RD, clinical dietitian at University Hospitals Case Medical Center, says it also makes a great time to think about the "Eatin' O' the Green." "On St. Patrick's Day, it might be fun to include more green foods in your diet," she suggests.

Cimperman says Americans, on average, don't eat enough green food, which have a variety of health benefits. Leafy vegetables, for example, have fiber and vitamin K,. Vitamin K helps your blood clot and keeps bones healthy and fiber helps prevent obesity and cancer and can help with weight loss and managing blood sugar . The more deeply colored a food, the more nutrients.

"The main thing is, the more color you have in your diet, the better," says Cimperman. "A colorful diet is the hallmark of a healthy diet."

The Cimperman Six

1. Kale: bake to make chips, chop in salad, or steam for dish packed with nutrients,
fiber, vitamin K, antioxidants
2. Brussels Sprouts: caramelize with olive oil and roast for fiber and omega-3 fatty
acids (usually found in fatty fish like salmon)
3. Green Peppers: use with dips for vitamin C
4. Edamame: steam and pop beans out of pod for a source of protein while
5. Kiwi: great on the go, spoon out fruit for snack for fiber, more potassium than a
banana, and more vitamin C than an orange
6: Green Tea: less caffeine than regular tea, antioxidants, and potentially helpful for
weight loss

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