More Than 1,000 of the World's Leading Migraine and Headache Specialists Will Gather to Hear Scientific Advances at the American Headache Society's 56th Annual Scientific Meeting

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Released: 11-Jun-2014 3:00 PM EDT

Source Newsroom: American Headache Society (AHS)

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Researchers and clinicians worldwide working in migraine, headache and brain injury share the field’s latest scientific advances at American Headache Society’s annual scientific meeting in Los Angeles.


Migraine, headache and related disorders are among the least understood and treated, despite the fact that they are among the world’s leading causes of disability and suffering. In the United States alone, it is estimated that 36 million men, women and children suffer with migraine, accounting for almost half of all years of life lost to disability attributed to neurological disorders. The Federal commitment to migraine research is about $20 million -- less than 55 cents per person – for a disease that costs the nation more than $29 billion a year in direct and indirect medical costs.


Topic/Presenter Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Pediatric Migraine/Scott Powers, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Retired NFL Players with Headache Lack Treatment Access/Frank Conidi, Florida Center for Headache

Migraine in Veterans Deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan Wars/JR Couch, University of Oklahoma Migraine and CVD Risk in Women/T Kurth, INSERM

Personality Factors and Stigma in Migraine Patients/SK McCrea, Widener University

Menopausal Transition and Migraine Frequency/VT Martin, University of Cincinnati

Family Burden of Chronic Migraine/DC Buse, Montefiore

Migraine Trigger Site Deactivation/PG Mathew, Harvard Medical School

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Thursday, June 26 – Sunday, June 29, 2014Hyatt Regency Century Plaza2025 Avenue of the Stars, Los Angeles, California, USA, 90067

Any and all of these experts are available for one-on-one news interviews prior to and during the meeting. Journalists may contact either Dennis Tartaglia at (732) 545-1848 or Joyce Yaeger at (917)-783-6105 to arrange interviews and receive embargoed releases and study abstracts.


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