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Released: 27-Mar-2020 12:50 PM EDT
New feathered dinosaur was one of the last surviving raptors
University of Pennsylvania

A new feathered dinosaur that lived in New Mexico 67 million years ago is one of the last known surviving raptor species, according to a new publication in the journal Scientific Reports.

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Released: 19-Mar-2020 12:15 PM EDT
Late Cretaceous dinosaur-dominated ecosystem
Geological Society of America (GSA)

A topic of considerable interest to paleontologists is how dinosaur-dominated ecosystems were structured, how dinosaurs and co-occurring animals were distributed across the landscape, how they interacted with one another, and how these systems compared to ecosystems today.

Newswise: Dinosaur stomping ground in Scotland reveals thriving Middle Jurassic ecosystem
5-Mar-2020 12:30 PM EST
Dinosaur stomping ground in Scotland reveals thriving Middle Jurassic ecosystem

During the Middle Jurassic Period, the Isle of Skye in Scotland was home to a thriving community of dinosaurs that stomped across the ancient coastline, according to a study published March 11, 2020 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Paige dePolo and Stephen Brusatte of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and colleagues.

Newswise: January Science Snapshots
Released: 14-Feb-2020 12:30 PM EST
January Science Snapshots
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Dinosaur blood vessels, giant viruses, and antibiotic-building enzymes

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Released: 11-Feb-2020 1:55 PM EST
Disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail afflicts humans to this day
American Friends of Tel Aviv University

The fossilized tail of a young dinosaur that lived on a prairie in southern Alberta, Canada, is home to the remains of a 60-million-year-old tumor.

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Released: 4-Feb-2020 2:10 PM EST
New Thalattosaur Species Discovered in Southeast Alaska
University of Alaska Fairbanks

Scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks have identified a new species of thalattosaur, a marine reptile that lived more than 200 million years ago.

Newswise: The “Firewalkers” of Karoo: Dinosaurs and Other Animals Left Tracks in a “Land of Fire”
22-Jan-2020 2:05 PM EST
The “Firewalkers” of Karoo: Dinosaurs and Other Animals Left Tracks in a “Land of Fire”

Several groups of reptiles persisted in Jurassic Africa even as volcanism ruined their habitat

Newswise: New species of Allosaurus discovered in Utah
22-Jan-2020 5:55 PM EST
New species of Allosaurus discovered in Utah
University of Utah

A remarkable new species of meat-eating dinosaur, Allosaurus jimmadseni, was unveiled at the Natural History Museum of Utah. The huge carnivore inhabited the flood plains of western North America during the Late Jurassic Period, between 157-152 million years ago, making it the geologically oldest species of Allosaurus, predating the more well-known state fossil of Utah, Allosaurus fragilis.

Released: 21-Jan-2020 10:00 AM EST
Rutgers Geology Museum Hosts Open House
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Presentations on natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes and their impacts will be held in Scott Hall and are open to the public at the Rutgers Geology Museum’s 52nd Annual Open House. There will also be hands-on activity sessions for kids, a mineral sale and rock and mineral identification in Scott Hall, and make-and-take stations in the Rutgers Geology Museum. Field Station Dinosaurs will bring its baby Hadrosaurus puppet and will also offer hands-on activities for visitors. All events are free and no preregistration is required.

Released: 2-Jan-2020 12:15 PM EST
Researchers learn more about teen-age T.Rex
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Without a doubt, Tyrannosaurus rex is the most famous dinosaur in the world. The 40-foot-long predator with bone crushing teeth inside a five-foot long head are the stuff of legend.

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