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Newswise: What are You Looking At? ‘Virtual’ Communication in the Age of Social Distancing
Released: 30-Mar-2020 8:30 AM EDT
What are You Looking At? ‘Virtual’ Communication in the Age of Social Distancing
Florida Atlantic University

When discussions occur face-to-face, people know where their conversational partner is looking and vice versa. With “virtual” communication due to COVID-19 and the expansive use of mobile and video devices, now more than ever, it’s important to understand how these technologies impact communication. Where do people focus their attention? The eyes, mouth, the whole face? And how do they encode conversation? A first-of-its-kind study set out to determine whether being observed affects people’s behavior during online communication.

Newswise: Five language outcome measures evaluated for intellectual disabilities studies
23-Mar-2020 8:30 AM EDT
Five language outcome measures evaluated for intellectual disabilities studies
UC Davis Health

Expressive language sampling yielded five language-related outcome measures that may be useful for treatment studies in intellectual disabilities, especially fragile X syndrome. The measures were generally valid and reliable across the range of ages, IQs and autism symptom severity of participants. According to the study, led by UC Davis researchers and funded by NIH, the measures are also functional in supporting treatments that can improve language, providing far reaching benefits for individuals with intellectual disabilities.

6-Mar-2020 9:50 AM EST
Facebook Users Change Their Language Before an Emergency Hospital Visit
Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

The language in Facebook posts becomes less formal and invokes family more often in the lead-up to an emergency room visit.

Released: 6-Mar-2020 3:35 PM EST
Don’t blame the messenger — unless it’s all stats and no story
University at Buffalo

In some cases of ineffective messaging, it might be appropriate, despite the aphorism to the contrary, to blame the messenger. “Our findings suggest that telling stories when communicating can make the speaker appear more warm and trustworthy, as opposed to speaking some other way, such as providing only statistics and figures,” says UB researcher.

Newswise: Professor works to preserve endangered Ladino language
Released: 4-Mar-2020 3:25 PM EST
Professor works to preserve endangered Ladino language
Binghamton University, State University of New York

Bryan Kirschen, an assistant professor of Spanish and linguistics at Binghamton University, is working to preserve the Ladino language, which can be traced back to the 15th century.

Released: 4-Mar-2020 8:00 AM EST
Household chemical use linked to child language delays
Ohio State University

Young children from low-income homes whose mothers reported frequent use of toxic chemicals such as household cleaners were more likely to show delays in language development by age 2, a new study found.

Newswise: Not a ‘math person’? You may be better at learning to code than you think
27-Feb-2020 1:55 PM EST
Not a ‘math person’? You may be better at learning to code than you think
University of Washington

New research from the University of Washington finds that a natural aptitude for learning languages is a stronger predictor of learning to program than basic math knowledge.

Newswise:Video Embedded using-a-cappella-to-explain-speech-and-music-specialization
24-Feb-2020 11:30 AM EST
Using a cappella to explain speech and music specialization
The Neuro - Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital

Speech and music are two fundamentally human activities that are decoded in different brain hemispheres. A new study used a unique approach to reveal why this specialization exists.

Newswise: Leadership and the Power of Inspiration
Released: 20-Feb-2020 2:45 PM EST
Leadership and the Power of Inspiration
Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School

Steven D. Cohen, an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, is well known for helping leaders communicate with confidence, influence, and authority. Cohen studies the communication behaviors of effective leaders, with a particular focus on executive presence.

Released: 19-Feb-2020 10:40 AM EST
Cognitive experiments give a glimpse into the ancient mind
Aarhus University

Symbolic behaviour - such as language, account keeping, music, art, and narrative - constitutes a milestone in human cognitive evolution.

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