Defined as the biological capacity to reproduce, fertility can be impacted by various medical conditions, leading to infertility in approximately 10-15% of couples nationwide. A diagnosis of infertility is typically given after one year of unsuccessful attempts to conceive. Below are some of the latest research and features on fertility and reproductive health in the Fertility News Source on Newswise.


Study Finds Preconception Stress May Affect Health of Women Undergoing Fertility Treatment (embargoed until 4-Jan-2024 3:00 PM EST)

-Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Nematode proteins shed light on infertility

-University of Utah

Study shows exposure to household chemicals can lower odds of getting pregnant

-University of Massachusetts Amherst

Scientists identify a key cause of female infertility

-The Company of Biologists 

Huntsman Cancer Institute Researchers Find Link Between Folic Acid and Blood Cell Production

-Huntsman Cancer Institute at the University of Utah

Scientists Shed Light on Mysteries Associated with Infertility

-Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Desai Sethi Urology Institute Performs First Prepubertal Male Fertility Preservation

-University of Miami Health System, Miller School of Medicine

Examination of Fertility Treatments and Genetic Changes in Embryos


New study finds association between insecticide exposure and lower sperm concentration in adult men

-George Mason University