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Compact Dry for Bacterial Counts

A new method for detecting bacteria and fungi in food and beverages, thus enhancing food safety.

Released: 28-Jul-2014 8:25 AM EDT
Source Newsroom: 2014 AACC Annual Meeting Press Program
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Hardy Diagnostics, an FDA licensed and ISO certified biomedical manufacturer, is pleased to announce the release of Compact Dry, a simple method for cultivating and counting common food- borne microorganisms.

Compact Dry is available in many formats: Total Viable Count (TC), E. coli & Coliforms Count (EC), Coliforms Count (CF), S. aureus (X-SA), Yeast and Mold Count (YM), Bacillus cereus (X-BC), V. parahaemolyticus (VP), Salmonella (SL) and Listeria (LS). The devices are simple to inoculate, have a long shelf life (18 months) except SL (16 months) and LS (10 months), can be stored at room temperature, have large write-on area, and can be easily stacked. If further testing or sub-culturing is needed, the lid is easily removed and colonies can be picked with ease. The Compact Dry has earned multiple performance certifications, such as AOAC and MicroVal.

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