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Newswise:Video Embedded undiagnosed-and-untreated-disease-identified-in-rural-south-africa
Released: 18-Jun-2021 3:10 PM EDT
Undiagnosed and Untreated Disease Identified in Rural South Africa
University of Alabama at Birmingham

A comprehensive health-screening program in rural northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, has found a high burden of undiagnosed or poorly controlled non-communicable diseases, according to a study published in The Lancet Global Health.

Newswise:Video Embedded newswise-expert-panels-on-covid-19-pandemic-notable-excerpts-quotes-and-videos-available
Released: 18-Jun-2021 2:10 PM EDT
Newswise Expert Panels on COVID-19 Pandemic: Notable excerpts, quotes and videos available

Newswise is hosting a series of Expert Panels discussion on unique aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic. This tip sheet includes some notable quotes from the panelists.

Newswise:Video Embedded virtual-event-for-june-17-11am-edt-covid-19-vaccines-and-male-fertility
Released: 18-Jun-2021 8:55 AM EDT
VIDEO AND TRANSCRIPT AVAILABLE: Vaccines and Male Fertility Event for June 17, 2021

This upcoming JAMA-published study examined whether the COVID-19 vaccine impacts male fertility.

Newswise:Video Embedded managed-retreat-all-options-on-the-table
Released: 17-Jun-2021 2:05 PM EDT
War against climate change must include managed retreat – now
University of Delaware

Climate change will shape the future of coastal communities, with flood walls, elevated structures and possibly floating cities used to combat sea level rise. New research has found that managed retreat must be part of the solution now, and not a last resort.

Newswise:Video Embedded university-of-miami-miller-school-study-shows-covid-19-mrna-vaccines-do-not-impact-male-fertility
Released: 17-Jun-2021 11:00 AM EDT
University of Miami Miller School Study Shows COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Do Not Impact Male Fertility
University of Miami Health System, Miller School of Medicine

The Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is safe for male reproduction, according to a new study by University of Miami Miller School of Medicine researchers published in JAMA , the most widely circulated general medical journal in the world.

Newswise:Video Embedded mystery-solved-dust-cloud-led-to-betelgeuse-s-great-dimming
14-Jun-2021 5:00 AM EDT
Mystery Solved: Dust Cloud Led to Betelgeuse’s ‘Great Dimming’
Center for Astrophysics | Harvard & Smithsonian

The star Betelgeuse became visibly darker in 2019 and 2020, puzzling astronomers. New images show that the star was partially concealed by a cloud of dust, solving the mystery of the “Great Dimming” of Betelgeuse.

Newswise:Video Embedded efficient-dehumidifier-makes-air-conditioning-a-breeze
Released: 15-Jun-2021 4:05 PM EDT
Efficient Dehumidifier Makes Air Conditioning a Breeze
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

New energy-efficient dehumidifier technology holds promise to reduce energy consumption in residential A/C systems and increase the range of electric vehicles.

Newswise:Video Embedded can-artificial-intelligence-open-new-doors-for-materials-discovery
Released: 15-Jun-2021 2:45 PM EDT
Can Artificial Intelligence Open New Doors for Materials Discovery?
Argonne National Laboratory

An Argonne engineer applied a specific type of artificial intelligence to the problem of how to predict material structures by only knowing some of their properties. This first-of-its-kind discovery led to further insights into the long-term durability of nuclear materials.

Newswise:Video Embedded low-fiber-high-fat-diets-adversely-impact-the-gut
Released: 15-Jun-2021 12:10 PM EDT
Low-fiber, High-fat Diets Adversely Impact the Gut
American Physiological Society (APS)

Physiologists at Laval University in Canada have discovered that diets containing low fiber and high fat cause significant shifts in the gut microbiome.

Newswise:Video Embedded what-makes-us-sneeze
14-Jun-2021 5:20 PM EDT
What makes us sneeze?
Washington University in St. Louis

What exactly triggers a sneeze? A team led by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis has identified, in mice, specific cells and proteins that control the sneeze reflex. Better understanding of what causes us to sneeze — specifically how neurons behave in response to allergens and viruses — may point to treatments capable of slowing the spread of infectious respiratory diseases.

Newswise:Video Embedded university-of-washington-researchers-can-turn-a-single-photo-into-a-video
Released: 14-Jun-2021 7:05 PM EDT
University of Washington Researchers Can Turn a Single Photo into a Video
University of Washington

UW researchers have developed a deep learning method that can produce a seamlessly looping, realistic looking video from a single photo.

Newswise:Video Embedded ohio-state-among-first-in-nation-to-implant-new-deep-brain-stimulation-device
Released: 14-Jun-2021 4:45 PM EDT
Ohio State Among First In Nation To Implant New Deep-Brain Stimulation Device
Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The team of neurologists and neurosurgeons at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center and its Neurological Institute are among the first in the nation to implant a new deep-brain stimulation (DBS) device that will help improve the quality of life of patients with Parkinson’s disease.

Newswise:Video Embedded study-links-covid-19-public-health-efforts-to-dramatic-drop-in-copd-hospitalizations
Released: 14-Jun-2021 8:00 AM EDT
Study Links COVID-19 Public Health Efforts to Dramatic Drop in COPD Hospitalizations
University of Maryland Medical Center

Public health measures designed to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus may have fostered a substantial side benefit: A 53 percent drop in hospital admissions for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), likely due to a drop in circulating seasonal respiratory viruses such as influenza.

Newswise:Video Embedded fast-food-caffeine-high-glycemic-food-are-associated-with-mental-distress-in-mature-women
Released: 14-Jun-2021 12:05 AM EDT
Fast food, caffeine, & high-glycemic food are associated with mental distress in mature women.
Newswise Trends

The top articles from Newswise is from Binghamton University by Lina Begdache

Newswise:Video Embedded flinders-ranges-virtual-tourists-to-be-teleported-into-the-deep-past-for-world-heritage-bid
Released: 13-Jun-2021 6:05 AM EDT
Flinders Ranges Virtual Tourists to be ‘Teleported’ into the Deep Past for World Heritage Bid
University of South Australia

Sir David Attenborough has named it one of his favourite places on Earth, and the world will soon see why via an immersive virtual tour of the iconic Flinders Ranges.

Newswise:Video Embedded boundary-of-heliosphere-mapped-for-the-first-time
Released: 12-Jun-2021 1:15 AM EDT
Boundary of heliosphere mapped for the first time
Los Alamos National Laboratory

For the first time, the boundary of the heliosphere has been mapped, giving scientists a better understanding of how solar and interstellar winds interact.

Newswise:Video Embedded regional-partnership-takes-a-chance-on-new-york-chickpeas
Released: 10-Jun-2021 3:40 PM EDT
Regional Partnership Takes a Chance on New York Chickpeas
Cornell University

A Schuyler County-Cornell pilot project could help New York farmers diversify their crops and give regional food manufacturers a cost-effective source for the popular legume.

Newswise:Video Embedded astronomy-meets-pathology-to-identify-predictive-biomarkers-for-cancer-immunotherapy
9-Jun-2021 2:00 PM EDT
Astronomy Meets Pathology to Identify Predictive Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Pairing sky-mapping algorithms with advanced immunofluorescence imaging of cancer biopsies, researchers at The Mark Foundation Center for Advanced Genomics and Imaging at Johns Hopkins University and the Bloomberg~Kimmel Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy developed a robust platform to guide immunotherapy by predicting which cancers will respond to specific therapies targeting the immune system.

Newswise:Video Embedded doe-scientists-deploy-creativity-speed-to-disrupt-covid-19
Released: 10-Jun-2021 9:00 AM EDT
DOE scientists deploy creativity, speed to disrupt COVID-19
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

An ORNL-led team comprising researchers from multiple DOE national laboratories is using artificial intelligence and computational screening techniques – in combination with experimental validation – to identify and design five promising drug therapy approaches to target the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Newswise:Video Embedded world-s-largest-outdoor-earthquake-simulator-undergoes-major-upgrade2
Released: 10-Jun-2021 8:00 AM EDT
World’s largest outdoor earthquake simulator undergoes major upgrade
University of California San Diego

A major upgrade to the world’s largest outdoor earthquake simulator reached a milestone mid-April when the facility’s floor--all 300,000 lbs of it--was put back into place. When completed this fall, the simulator will have the ability to reproduce multi-dimensional earthquake motions with unprecedented accuracy to make structures and their residents safer during strong shakes. Researchers lay out the details of the upgrade in a paper published recently in Frontiers in Built Environment.

Newswise:Video Embedded astronomers-probe-layer-cake-structure-of-brown-dwarf-s-atmosphere
Released: 9-Jun-2021 4:35 PM EDT
Astronomers Probe Layer-Cake Structure of Brown Dwarf’s Atmosphere
Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)

Researchers used the giant W. M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii to observe a nearby brown dwarf in infrared light. They found that the dwarf’s atmosphere has a layer-cake structure with clouds of different composition at different altitudes.

Newswise:Video Embedded normal-breathing-sends-saliva-droplets-7-feet-masks-shorten-this
Released: 9-Jun-2021 2:20 PM EDT
Normal Breathing Sends Saliva Droplets 7 Feet; Masks Shorten This
American Institute of Physics (AIP)

The WHO and the CDC recommend keeping a certain distance between people to prevent the spread of COVID-19. These social distancing recommendations are estimated from a variety of studies, but further research about the precise mechanism of virus transport is still needed. In Physics of Fluids, researchers demonstrate normal breathing indoors without a mask can transport saliva droplets capable of carrying virus particles to a distance of 2.2 meters in a matter of 90 seconds.

Newswise:Video Embedded stewart-releases-new-book-the-poet-and-the-architect
Released: 9-Jun-2021 12:35 PM EDT
Stewart releases new book, 'The Poet and the Architect'
South Dakota State University

Blending poetry and architecture has become part of life for South Dakota Poet Laureate Christine Stewart—she combines these distinct creative processes in her new book, “The Poet and the Architect.”

Newswise:Video Embedded collagen-stiffness-plays-role-in-asthma-could-lead-to-targeted-treatment
Released: 9-Jun-2021 7:00 AM EDT
Collagen Stiffness Plays Role in Asthma, Could Lead to Targeted Treatment
American Physiological Society (APS)

A new study finds that manipulating the stiffness of the collagen-based support structure of airway cells could lead to a new treatment for asthma. The study is published ahead of print in the Journal of Applied Physiology. It was chosen as an APSselect article for June.

Newswise:Video Embedded ornl-names-new-innovation-crossroads-cohort-of-manufacturing-building-and-clean-energy-technology-entrepreneurs
Released: 7-Jun-2021 5:05 PM EDT
ORNL Names New Innovation Crossroads Cohort of Manufacturing, Building and Clean Energy Technology Entrepreneurs
Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Six science and technology innovators from across the United States will join the fifth cohort of Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Innovation Crossroads program in June. As the Southeast’s only research and development program for entrepreneurs based at a U.S. Department of Energy national laboratory, Innovation Crossroads provides unique support to science-based startups to help advance game-changing technologies from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Newswise:Video Embedded llnl-team-looks-at-nuclear-weapon-effects-for-near-surface-detonations
Released: 7-Jun-2021 5:05 AM EDT
LLNL team looks at nuclear weapon effects for near-surface detonations
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

A Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory team has taken a closer look at how nuclear weapon blasts close to the Earth’s surface create complications in their effects and apparent yields. Attempts to correlate data from events with low heights of burst revealed a need to improve the theoretical treatment of strong blast waves rebounding from hard surfaces.

Newswise:Video Embedded australia-s-trade-sector-in-peril-unless-urgent-action-is-taken
Released: 4-Jun-2021 8:05 PM EDT
Australia's trade sector in peril unless urgent action is taken
University of South Australia

Australia is in danger of slipping down the global trade ladder unless it completely overhauls its tax and industrial relations sectors, recruits skilled migrants, banishes red tape, improves its internet services, and reduces its reliance on China.

Newswise:Video Embedded newly-approved-drug-effective-against-lung-cancer-caused-by-genetic-mutation
1-Jun-2021 3:35 PM EDT
Newly approved drug effective against lung cancer caused by genetic mutation
Washington University in St. Louis

The new drug sotorasib reduces tumor size and shows promise in improving survival among patients with lung tumors caused by a specific DNA mutation, according to results of a global phase 2 clinical trial led by Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. The drug is designed to shut down the effects of the mutation, which is found in about 13% of patients with lung adenocarcinoma, a common type of non-small-cell lung cancer.

Newswise:Video Embedded the-biodegradable-battery
Released: 3-Jun-2021 11:15 AM EDT
The biodegradable battery
Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology

The number of data-transmitting microdevices, for instance in packaging and transport logistics, will increase sharply in the coming years. All these devices need energy, but the amount of batteries would have a major impact on the environment. Empa researchers have developed a biodegradable mini-capacitor that can solve the problem. It consists of carbon, cellulose, glycerin and table salt. And it works reliably.

Newswise:Video Embedded mangrove-root-model-may-hold-the-key-to-preventing-coastal-erosion
Released: 3-Jun-2021 8:30 AM EDT
Mangrove Root Model May Hold the Key to Preventing Coastal Erosion
Florida Atlantic University

How mangrove roots interact with water flow is believed to be a key element in mitigating coastal erosion. Researchers are the first to quantify the optimal mangrove root hydrodynamic with a predictive model, which provides insight into the sediment transport and erosion processes that govern the evolution of the shapes of shorelines. Results can provide useful guidance for coastal managers restoring estuarine mangrove forests or planting mangroves as part of living shoreline stabilization.

Newswise:Video Embedded pnnl-s-shadow-figment-technology-foils-cyberattacks
Released: 2-Jun-2021 1:40 PM EDT
PNNL’s Shadow Figment Technology Foils Cyberattacks
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Scientists have created a cybersecurity technology called Shadow Figment that is designed to lure hackers into an artificial world, then stop them from doing damage by feeding them illusory tidbits of success. The technology is aimed at protecting physical targets—infrastructure such as buildings, the electric grid, and water and sewage systems.

Newswise:Video Embedded synthetic-species-developed-for-use-as-a-confinable-gene-drive
1-Jun-2021 2:55 PM EDT
Synthetic SPECIES Developed for Use as a Confinable Gene Drive
University of California San Diego

Scientists have developed a gene drive with a built-in genetic barrier that is designed to keep the drive under control. The researchers engineered synthetic fly species that, upon release in sufficient numbers, act as gene drives that can spread locally and be reversed if desired.

Newswise:Video Embedded how-an-elephant-s-trunk-manipulates-air-to-eat-and-drink
1-Jun-2021 4:05 PM EDT
How An Elephant’s Trunk Manipulates Air to Eat and Drink
Georgia Institute of Technology

New research from Georgia Tech finds that elephants dilate their nostrils in order to create more space in their trunks, allowing them to store up to nine liters of water. They can also suck up three liters per second — a speed 30 times faster than a human sneeze. The findings could inspire different ways to building robots that manipulate air to move or hold things.

Newswise:Video Embedded mid-america-manufacturing-strong-with-record-high-price-gains
Released: 1-Jun-2021 5:35 PM EDT
Mid-America Manufacturing Strong with Record High Price Gains
Creighton University

The Creighton Economic Forecasting Group has conducted the monthly survey of supply managers in nine states since 1994 to produce leading economic indicators of the Mid-America economy. States included in the survey are Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota.

Newswise:Video Embedded duetting-songbirds-mute-the-musical-mind-of-their-partner-to-stay-in-sync
Released: 1-Jun-2021 2:40 PM EDT
Duetting songbirds 'mute' the musical mind of their partner to stay in sync
New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Art Garfunkel once described his legendary musical chemistry with Paul Simon, "We meet somewhere in the air through the vocal cords ... ." But a new study of duetting songbirds from Ecuador, the plain-tail wren (Pheugopedius euophrys), has offered another tune explaining the mysterious connection between successful performing duos.

Newswise:Video Embedded new-research-could-lead-to-treatment-for-aortic-aneurysms
Released: 1-Jun-2021 10:10 AM EDT
New research could lead to treatment for aortic aneurysms
University of Kentucky

Thanks to a $5.6 million grant from the NIH, a University of Kentucky College of Medicine team will study the culprit behind thoracic aortic aneurysms, which could lead to a treatment for the potentially deadly disease.

Newswise:Video Embedded unlv-engineering-and-dental-researchers-team-with-nasa-colgate-on-june-3-space-launch
Released: 1-Jun-2021 10:05 AM EDT
UNLV Engineering and Dental Researchers Team with NASA, Colgate on June 3 Space Launch
University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

First-of-its-kind device developed by UNLV for International Space Station experiment will test microgravity and Earth differences in growth and treatment of oral bacteria.

Newswise:Video Embedded graduate-student-finalists-show-their-work-during-research-elevator-pitch-competition
Released: 1-Jun-2021 8:05 AM EDT
Graduate student finalists show their work during research elevator pitch competition
Penn State Materials Research Institute

Penn State graduate students in materials science and materials engineering learn valuable career skills such as concise presentation of their research and win prizes during the 2021 Millennium Café PPG Elevator Pitch Competition on May 15 and May 18.

Newswise:Video Embedded researchers-create-new-crispr-tools-to-help-contain-mosquito-disease-transmission
Released: 28-May-2021 2:00 PM EDT
Researchers Create New CRISPR Tools to Help Contain Mosquito Disease Transmission
University of California San Diego

Scientists have developed a toolkit that helps pave the way to a gene drive designed to stop Culex mosquitoes from spreading disease. Culex mosquitoes spread devastating afflictions stemming from West Nile virus, Japanese encephalitis virus and the pathogen causing avian malaria.

Newswise:Video Embedded new-tool-activates-deep-brain-neurons-by-combining-ultrasound-genetics
Released: 28-May-2021 1:50 PM EDT
New tool activates deep brain neurons by combining ultrasound, genetics
Washington University in St. Louis

A team at Washington University in St. Louis has developed a new brain stimulation technique using focused ultrasound that is able to turn specific types of neurons in the brain on and off and precisely control motor activity without surgical device implantation.

Newswise: Task force gives guidance on classifying neonatal seizures - An ILAE podcast
Released: 28-May-2021 11:45 AM EDT
Task force gives guidance on classifying neonatal seizures - An ILAE podcast
International League Against Epilepsy

ILAE has published guidelines on classifying seizures and epilepsies, but those classifications don't account for seizures in newborn babies. Two ILAE task forces spent several years on a position paper that modifies the seizure and epilepsy classifications for neonatal seizures.

Newswise:Video Embedded green-bronx-machine-s-let-s-learn-with-mister-ritz-to-premiere-on-bronxnet-on-june-1
Released: 28-May-2021 6:05 AM EDT
Green Bronx Machine’s Let’s Learn with Mister Ritz to Premiere on Bronxnet on June 1
Green Bronx Machine

Green Bronx Machine announced today a new partnership with BronxNet, a public affairs television station addressing the concerns, interests and cultures of the people of the Bronx, to bring episodes of Let’s Learn with Mister Ritz to its viewers starting on Tuesday, June 1.

Newswise:Video Embedded dark-energy-survey-releases-most-precise-look-at-the-universe-s-evolution
Released: 27-May-2021 4:35 PM EDT
Dark Energy Survey Releases Most Precise Look at the Universe’s Evolution
NSF’s National Optical-Infrared Astronomy Research Laboratory

In 29 new scientific papers, the Dark Energy Survey examines the largest-ever maps of galaxy distribution and shapes, extending more than 7 billion light-years across the Universe. The extraordinarily precise analysis, which includes data from the survey’s first three years, contributes to the most powerful test of the current best model of the Universe, the standard cosmological model. However, hints remain from earlier DES data and other experiments that matter in the Universe today is a few percent less clumpy than predicted.

Newswise:Video Embedded driving-in-the-snow-is-a-team-effort-for-ai-sensors
Released: 27-May-2021 4:25 PM EDT
Driving in the Snow is a Team Effort for AI Sensors
Michigan Technological University

Nobody likes driving in a blizzard, including autonomous vehicles. To make self-driving cars safer on snowy roads, Michigan Tech engineers look at the problem from the car’s point of view--its sensors.

Newswise:Video Embedded the-robot-smiled-back
Released: 27-May-2021 12:55 PM EDT
The Robot Smiled Back
Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Science

Long interested in interactions between robots and humans, Columbia Engineering researchers have created EVA, a new autonomous robot with a soft and expressive face that responds to match the expressions of nearby humans. “The idea for EVA took shape a few years ago, when my students and I began to notice that the robots in our lab were staring back at us through plastic, googly eyes,” said Prof Hod Lipson, who led the team.

Newswise:Video Embedded bringing-microscopy-to-the-biologist
Released: 27-May-2021 12:15 PM EDT
Bringing microscopy to the biologist
Morgridge Institute for Research

Portable Flamingo microscopes have the potential to democratize science by opening up new opportunities to wide ranges of researchers and institutions.

Newswise:Video Embedded on-site-hydrogen-production-technology-accelerates-to-market
Released: 26-May-2021 5:45 PM EDT
On-Site Hydrogen Production Technology Accelerates to Market
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

SoCalGas recently licensed a PNNL-developed generation system that uses sunlight to convert natural gas and water into hydrogen and capture the carbon dioxide (CO2) to prevent carbon emissions. Hydrogen has many applications, including powering vehicles and homes.

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