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Article ID: 702684

Seeing a Salt Solution’s Structure Supports One Hypothesis About How Minerals Form

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oak Ridge National Laboratory scientists used neutrons, isotopes and simulations to “see” the atomic structure of a saturated solution and found evidence supporting one of two competing hypotheses about how ions come together to form minerals.

23-Oct-2018 4:30 PM EDT

Article ID: 702554

Extinct Tuskless Walrus Fossil Discovered in Orange County

California State University, Fullerton

Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) paleontologists have described a new genus and species of walrus and named it after CSUF Titans and Orange County, where the extinct, tuskless fossil was discovered.

22-Oct-2018 10:30 AM EDT

Article ID: 702030

Smaller, More Frequent Eruptions Affect Volcanic Flare-Ups

Michigan Technological University

Eruption patterns in a New Zealand volcanic system reveal how the movement of magma rising through the crust leads to smaller, more frequent eruptions.

11-Oct-2018 8:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 701540

Cooling Effect of Preindustrial Fires on Climate Underestimated

Cornell University

A new study, “Reassessment of Pre-Industrial Fire Emissions Strongly Affects Anthropogenic Aerosol Forcing,” by a Cornell University postdoctoral researcher, published in August in Nature Communications, finds that emissions from fire activity were significantly greater in the preindustrial era, which began around 1750, than previously thought. As a result, scientists have underestimated the cooling effect the aerosol particles produced by these fires had on the past climate.

3-Oct-2018 10:05 AM EDT

Article ID: 701426

WVU Advances Technology and Transparency to Shale Gas in New MSEEL Site

West Virginia University

Improving shale energy productivity and reducing the environmental footprint of the natural gas industry are the goals of a West Virginia University partnership at a second Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Lab to be located in western Monongalia County.

2-Oct-2018 11:00 AM EDT

Article ID: 701383

Geology Student Researching 'World of the Past'

West Virginia University - Eberly College of Arts and Sciences

While on a boat for 60 days, WVU geology student Ben Johnson and a team of researchers traveled through the South China Sea as part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program’s Expedition 367. The group strived to understand the way the composition of Earth’s crust changes at the boundary between continents and oceans.

1-Oct-2018 12:05 PM EDT



Article ID: 700797

Researchers Prepare to Explore Extreme Lunar Environments

Stony Brook University

As the United States prepares to visit the surface of the Moon once again, scientists from the RIS4E node of NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), led by researchers from the Stony Brook University College of Arts and Sciences, are partnering with Astrobotic Technology to demonstrate the robotic technologies needed to explore and study our nearest neighbor’s most interesting and challenging destinations.

19-Sep-2018 3:40 PM EDT

Article ID: 700285

Earthquake in China Linked to Reservoir Water

Saint Louis University Medical Center

SLU scientists report that reservoir water played a role in causing earthquakes in the Three Gorges Reservoir Region of China.

10-Sep-2018 4:15 PM EDT

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