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Released: 6-Apr-2020 3:40 PM EDT
Compound in Fruit Peels Halts Damage and Spurs Neuronal Repair in Multiple Sclerosis
Thomas Jefferson University

Ursolic acid, abundant in fruit peels and some herbs, both prevents and repairs neurons in animal models of multiple sclerosis.

Released: 6-Apr-2020 8:40 AM EDT
Estudio de Mayo Clinic descubre que operar espina bífida antes del nacimiento restablece la estructura cerebral
Mayo Clinic

La intervención quirúrgica realizada en un feto que aún se encuentra en el vientre materno con el fin reparar los defectos de la espina bífida motiva al cuerpo a restablecer la estructura normal del cerebro, descubrió un estudio de Mayo Clinic.

Released: 6-Apr-2020 8:05 AM EDT
How to Sleep Healthy During the Pandemic
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Xue Ming, a professor of neurology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, and a specialist in sleep disorders, talks about how COVID-19 is bringing new challenges to sleep cycles, how sleep helps the immune system fight inflammation, infection and disease while producing proteins that are needed to recover from illness, and what can be done to get on the right track to a healthy sleep routine.

Newswise: Mindfulness an Effective Treatment for Migraines
Released: 3-Apr-2020 4:35 PM EDT
Mindfulness an Effective Treatment for Migraines
University of Maryland, Baltimore

In an article published March 13, 2020 in the journal Pain, David A. Seminowicz, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Neural and Pain Sciences at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, and coauthors show how mindfulness can help in the fight against migraines.

Released: 3-Apr-2020 2:55 PM EDT
Patients with Parkinson's disease face unique 'hidden sorrows' related to the COVID-19
IOS Press

Experts writing in the Journal of Parkinson's Disease discuss potentially grave consequences for Parkinson's disease patients related to social distancing, but also opportunities like new avenues for research and initiatives that may offer positive help and support

Released: 3-Apr-2020 8:10 AM EDT
Tip Sheet: Tracking COVID-19, protein design, TB vaccines, a new brain map and more
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Summaries of recent Fred Hutch research findings with links for additional background and media contacts.

1-Apr-2020 4:05 PM EDT
Managing Negative Thoughts Helps Combat Depression in Parkinson’s Patients
Rutgers University-New Brunswick

People with Parkinson’s disease who engage in cognitive behavioral therapy — a form of psychotherapy that increases awareness of negative thinking and teaches coping skills — are more likely to overcome depression and anxiety, according to a Rutgers study.

Newswise: Ancient hominins had small brains like apes, but longer childhoods like humans
Released: 1-Apr-2020 2:00 PM EDT
Ancient hominins had small brains like apes, but longer childhoods like humans
University of Chicago Medical Center

Using precise imaging technology to scan fossil skulls, researchers found that as early as 3 million years ago, children had a long dependence on caregivers.

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